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You see how the shoulders sway forward? So why do we put our saddle on our horse's shoulders and not on his back? This completely prevents the swinging, the door and the motion. Seats are conceived to be placed directly behind the scapula in the so-called "withers area".

This seems to be too far behind for many but only because they are used to seeing incorrectly positioned calipers. For a second, take your time, sense your shoulders and put your seat not on but behind you. Shoulders in gradual succession. Look how far back my shoulders move and where the fabric meets my legs.

Now, picture a seat that' s buckled on.

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Safest way to fix one bit to a headjoint

When you buy a new headpiece, pay attention to the design of the ends of the headpiece. Chisel ends are the bits of hide that glide through the upper ring in the chisel to keep the chisel on the headstock. While you may wonder what it could make a big deal of the 3 popular fasteners: Ties, Chicago bolts and slotted bolts, the slotted bolts are much more secure than the other two.

Chicago-coils and cords are much more likely than slotted chochos that are screwed off or loosened, which causes your headpiece to drop off your horses. Like most other slots, a conch is a round conch, but instead of being fastened with a bolt, it is fastened with a 3/8 in. strap.

Blood (braid) the cord on the plot conch. Even though slots can be easily attached or removed, it may seem tricky at first. Watch the movie to see how fast and simple it is to fasten a little to a headpiece with slotschos. For removing a track from a headpiece:

Grate the cord with special soaps to make it easier to glide. Tighten the two ends of the straps upwards so that you can work from below. Insert a small screwdriver or pliers between the bass guitar and draw the lower guitar chord through the slot in the upper one.

Withdraw the cord the rest of the way with a pair of pincers. In order to release the 2. lacing of the line, drag the ends of the line up again and repeating the steps 3. Eliminate the slit echo. Peel off the ends of the cord from the outside of the headpiece.

For attaching a conchos to a head piece: Place the chisel on the headstock and insert the ends of the cord through the openings in the chisel end of the headstock. Draw the threads downwards. 2. Push the conchos down at the ends of the instrument body. Draw both ends of the laces upwards. Use a screwdriver or reamer to open the top of the cord.

Push the lower cord through the groove in the upper cord. Draw the ends of the cord downwards. Raise the ends of the stringed ends and put the lower one through the upper one. Tighten and smoothen the threads. You have your own slotscho. Due to the security factors, I firmly believe in the use of slots for attaching the bit to the headpiece.

I' m providing all my headpieces with slit-concho. Also my headpieces with silvery buckles are available with suitable silvery slotted ches. Even though I am offering ties and threaded conchoes as an option when buying one of my handcrafted headpieces, I still suggest the use of slotted concho. We are a handcrafted tack producer and we are here to help you!

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