Bits and Tack

Tacks and Bits

Are you looking for a more traditional style, you will also find Dee-Ringe, Halbwangentrensen and Mullenmünder. The Bits of Tack, Wellington, Florida. Customized Tack Shop with unique and personalized service!

Snaffle bit, snaffle bit, horse collars by Dennis Moreland Tack

Denis Moreland Tack Horses dentures are handcrafted in the workshop of dental manufacturers with many years of practice. This includes eggbutt, offset D ring and O ring bridles, rotating shaft bits, massive shaft bits, aluminium shaft bits, Spanish bits and toggle bits. Since I produce a large selection of bits for almost every kind of horses, I will be at your disposal for any question.

The Dennis Moreland Tack chisels are made of high quality 4130 stainless steels. With an accentuated hand-engraved German silber coating, the bits are nice but very strong. They are made of stainless steal with stripes of cooper to stimulate saliva flow.

her specialist for hunting nails and biting

Founded in 2016 by Joan Nalley, an enthusiastic Arab equestrian enthusiast and proprietor. At Sweet Iron, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest value products at a competitively priced value while delivering the highest levels of personalized client care and client experience. The Sweet Iron Team is a full range equestrian gear and customs brand.

We specialise in Arabian/Piston size equine gear, but whether you have a draught pony, a minature or something in between, Sweet Iron Bit & Bridle, LLC. is your resource for customized gear and the highest grade handcrafted bits on the day. On purpose, we work with U.S. producers and artisans such as BioThane, PRO Orthopedics, Schneiders, English Riding Supply, Ramard, SleekEz and many others, as well as our Amish and Mennonite artisans in the United States who manufacture our leathers and BioThane Betas equine and puppyry.

We' re also travelling the land on many shows and rodeo shows as a merchant.

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