Black Circle Y Saddle

Circle Y-Saddle

Used and new Circle Y saddles for sale. Also, information about Circle Y serial numbers and Circle Y flex-lite saddle trees. The round saddle is ideal for trail rides. Nice hand tool and contrasting black seat and black strings make this a beautiful saddle. Every day we receive new, carefully used saddles.

Upholstery Circle Y Julie Goodnight Wind River Saddle

PEAK Performance saddle line was created and rode by Julie Goodnight. Julie Goodnight is coach, clinic, presenter of the TV show Horsemaster with Julie Goodnight and member of the advisory board of the West Dressage Association of America. From her diverse backgrounds in English and West horseback rides and her extensive training in classic horseback rides, Goodnight recognises that regardless of disciplines, a balance of posture for the horseman and fitness is essential for the equine.

Goodnight's seats offer a proper fit, a tight turn, a tight sense of closeness and total ride quality to make them the ideal multi-purpose saddle for both riders and horses. Peak saddle styles are ideal for arenas, show rings and trails and are ideal for trailer rides, cleaning, cow work, and dressage.

This round saddle is perfect for trekking rides. Nice tools and black contrast fit and black string make this a wonderful saddle. The Flex2® boom adapts to the back of the saddle while distributing body mass and lightness to the saddle. The Flex2®skirts have shock absorption wet padding for the well being of the equine and equine riders; the Skirt has a tight-fitting feminine fit for precision seating, a slip-Notch lining for ease of grooming with XPG gelbar for your horse's comforts, Impact Foam fit with slim fit and wide bag for all-day wearing comforts, Softee® saddle jackets and fender offer a "ready to ride" saddle to minimise the riders knees and ankles load.

Ergo Balance stirrups? and pre-turned stapes straps help relieve joint and knuckle wear and promote a better balance of handling. Fitting the saddle made easy!

New Circle Y Brand 2378 Black Mesa Flex2 Trail Saddle

While there are many "Flex" calipers on the saddle markets, the Circle Y Flex2®'s distinctive styling distinguishes it from the rest. Beginning with a Flex2ï¿? structure. The Circle Y revolutionairy dual-bar system provides strength and versatility on demand. Designed to give the driver greater support for load balancing, the Flex2 saddle is an optional extra for drivers of all thicknesses.

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