Black Clydesdale Horses for Sale

Clydesdale Black Horses for sale

Three-year-old black Clydesdale gelding. We have brought our years of experience to the training and breeding of healthy, beautiful, black Clydesdales. Latest sales horses. For many generations, Clydesdale horses have belonged to the black family. The horses and foals are for sale all year round.

Selling Black Clydesdale

Sixteen hands black and black Clydesdale Care. Broken under the seat, but he needs a little refreshment. for sale. She' s registred. She' s riding west, she knows how to work her foot off... 2-year-old Clydesdale gelding 16. Bays with 4 feet wide colour. Five year old registration Clydesdale filly. The Dixie is an outstanding escort dog.

She' s bankrupt to go singles and doubles. She is a beautiful, long legged, contemporary filly. She' s broken her holster and cuts well. She' got a lot of fun and a beautiful headset. The Abby was shown in the holster more than annually.

Çlydesdales For sale Public Group

She is a purebred registered Clydesdale stallion foal who is for sale only for her own reason.... and no own blame. Savanna, as you can see, has a nice body shape and a nice smooth motion. The Savanna had only a fundamental manipulation due to bondage, so she is calm and you can knock her on the drivers camp, but she has to be trapped in a courtyard.

Because of her ankle joint recovery after kicking as a filly Savanna has a light clot on her ankle joint, but it doesn't interfere with her movements at all and has been seen by my veterinarian and she is 100% healthy on this foot. She is a high class breed and would be an absolut advantage for any horse farm she would like to use as a broodmare.

Savannah should ripen slightly over 16hhh.

Klydesdale Horses

They have belonged to the black horse kin for many years. Headquartered in Newton by Collessie. All horses have fresh and cooled sperm available, please call Ronald Black on the number at the top right. At the moment there are 8 breeding females in Collessie, mainly house sandwiches.

Horse and foal are for sale all year round. At Collessie we are very proud that our genetic science works for other humans. Robbert Trotter won the Cawdor Cup three championships under the direction of Ronnie Black with Collessie Produced Fillys and was twice Overall Highland Show Champion with Ormiston Mains Amalie, a success not achieved in the last 50 years.

Foals from the same dam line were placed this year for Ronnie Black herself with Collessie Jennifer as overall winner and Cawdor Cup winner. Amber Ormiston Mains, who won the Cawdor Cup as a two year old, is currently a very important broodmare for us here in Collessie.

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