Black Horse Riding Jacket

Riding jacket in black

The Asmar Hunter Jumper Jacket You definitely need a new jumping jacket. Ladies M Medium Ariat Equestrian down feather riding winter coat black jacket. Unicoloured black calf without top is warned with black hunting coats. An overcoat or a riding jacket is an item of clothing that was originally designed as outerwear for equestrian sports. Riding Jacket Montpellier Black XXS.

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The new black: Directions to the riding jacket revolution

Since I saw the Finish event organizer Sanna Siltakorpi rock a rosy robe at the WC, one thing has been on my mind: and Lucky Accord at the 2014 FIFA Women Championships. You know me, you know I really like to be on the verge of being fashionable. Unfortunately, "the edge" is a rather dull place in the horse sport community.

It makes perfect sence in Jägerland to look dull - you want the main emphasis to be on your horse's jagged knee, not on your radioactive-violet riding jacket. I am first and foremost an eventing rider, and if you consider that we can carry just about anything we want, you would think that some of this free speech would pass into the stages of training and show jumper.

I' m doing what I can, dazzling referees with my "outrageous" hunting greens jacket and horrible comrades-in-arms with my regal blu vinyl front shoes, but for the most part we have to get our hands on our chests rather closely. That' s how you can picture my joy when the 27-year-old Finn Sanna Siltakorpi came to the stadium on the show jumper's stage in a warm rose robe, a faded white hat and violet stirrup.

Usually, I mean, world championships are not a period when drivers let their geeks swing the banner. Yellow cloaks, yes; rose cloaks, not so much. Some more pictures of Sanna, the riding heroine of global riding fashions, who looks pink: looking for horse material on the web all morning, one of the first things I did when I came home from France was to put together my own Sanna-inspired look.

It' not that I could really use it - the USEA rules are quite clear that all coats are either black or tweet - but it's good to be dreaming! Lorenzini Original Aluminum/Titanium Stirrup in Purple, $265. Animo Leon Jacket, $642 by Animo; Alexis Riding Top by SmartPak, $79. 95 by SmartPak. Ninety-five from SmartPak.

Lower row: Sox Trot socks in Rae, $8. 95 by SmartPak; Tredstep Symphony No. 1 Argenta Full Seat Breech, $229. Ninety-five from SmartPak; Samshield helmet in bright rose flower Swarovski, $1,418 from Samshield. As I was looking for rose riding jacket, I tripped over several other riding jacket in a different colour. I' m not even referring to $2,000 customs coatings - these are completely off-the-shelf.

Jumpers have freed themselves from the old traditional right-wing clothing regime endorsed by George Morris, with Europe in the lead. It makes good business sense for the riding clothing sector to meet the demands. Bonuses: Good-bye, warm woolen jackets that take your shoulder every step.

Good-bye when you take your jacket to the cleaner, every horse slumbering on you. These latest riding coats are made of stretchable, air-permeable and easy-care tech. Sanna's jacket manufacturer Animo Italia is definitely one of the most fashionable out there. They are at the expensive end of the range, but Animo is really first class.

It is made of a super-elastic, highly permeable material in which silvery is interwoven to inhibit the development of germs. ANMIMO LAGOS SHADBELLY, on offer for $663. The stile is also in black with black hotspot rhinestones, occupied points - I don't even make jokes, go into it.

These coats are stretchable, figure-flattering, moisture-transporting and, above all, available in astonishing colours! This British jacket is the whole package: durable, watertight, air-permeable, stretchy with all the little detail ing that makes the heart of designer wear like diamond pipings and Swarovski-crystals. Oh, and, uh, it would look so sweet with my horse's heels!

Carnival boat from Dream Horse Studios, $90. Still not quite prepared to immerse yourself in rider fashions? The Pikeur is a champion of the jazz coat with modern detailing such as zippered bags and stamped button. We' re in loving this Horseware Competition jacket, which is a mere drop in the ocean at a split of the cost of the best show jackets on the planet - it's available at SmartPak for $99, no joke.

The light shell is air-permeable and stretchable so that you can fully develop your performance, and have we mentioned that it is fully washed in the washing mashine? That means when it comes to riding jackets, the tomorrow is NOW. You go riding.

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