Black Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale

We have a Black Quarter Horse gelding for sale

Explore Black Quarter Horses for sale on America's largest horse marketplace. "Pete" sorrel fat ranch gelding. JUST REDUCED to no fau. Sweet and gentle black gelding. Browse our extensive Quarter Horse Cross horse ads by location and discipline.

SALED ~ Thanks Ben, we really look forward to seeing you there!

SALED ~ Thanks Ben, we really look forward to seeing you there! AQHA Red Roan geldingThis pretty gelding is ready in bridles. Extreme sincere, sporty and will let most cows out. He' s not only great on the farm, he' also great on the trail!

I' ve never seen a horse with more spirit and work ethics, a real gentlemen! Latest Movie Buckskin geldingHere is a gelding that has been bred for a long time! Ready riding horse that likes to work in the arenas, take a horse for a horseback riding or take him to work at the farm.

Very nice, in a good mood. Latest Movie AQHA Red Roan geldingThis amazing gelding has made it! Displayed, Drill, Trails, Cattle Work, Campings, whatever! Cute, good-hearted, and very willing. Latest Movie SYDAM: In the Good x Macs Good x Good N Plenty x Zippos Mr Good BarThis is a great, dark and beautiful gelding!

He is not only a beautiful movers, he also has the cutest mind with an extraordinary pedigree. A very friendly gelding who wants to please. Latest Movie At The Money Bowinkl x Alive N Firen x Fire Water FlitThis young gelding has it all! Terrific on footpaths, sure-footed and self-confident on the road.

It' very cute and mellow, beat him up all you want! Latest Movie Not only is Harmony a beautiful Westerns Pleasure filly, she is fantastic on the trail, self-confident and very sure-footed. Their affectionate and friendly manner makes them one of our favourites! Breathtaking filly paired with an extraordinary pedigree!

Latest Movie Latest Movie This cute gelding was just used for travelling rides and working cows. Ready harness horse with beautiful forward motion, outside and self-confident outside. Extraordinary down-to-earth and planning. Latest Movie Latest Movie Starter Safe * Extraordinary on TrailsThis mares has been used by many newcomers.

Sure-footedness, great on cows, the same when used once a months or once a year! A great supplement for the whole horse line if you are looking for a problem-free horse. Latest Movie 2044 APHA Black Dobiano geldingThis beautiful youngster has got off to a nice start under horseback, full of beauty and sophistication!

Extraordinary road-hugging, beautiful exterior, done as you wish! Latest Movie Quarter Horse Dun MareSHE'S WORTH HER WIGHT IN GOAL!

A very friendly filly with a cute, affectionate character. Utilized for 4H, drilling, open shows, track rides, campsite, cows work.... she will try everything you put in front of her. Favourite gelding of his own! Ready harness horse, voluntarily moving from the feet, with a real one-handed cuff.

Magnificent in the stadium, on footpaths or for ranching. Marvellous temperament, very well-tolerated. Latest Movie Lovable black and white geldingIf you are looking for one of the sweetest geldings, here it is! A charming gelding used mainly for track rides.

This is a funny little parcel that has a great atmosphere! Latest Movie Familyloving All Around Blue Roan GeldingThis cute little kid is looking for his home forever. Hitchhiking, 4H, Drill, Cattle Work.... he does it all! A very relaxed, calm atmosphere with a beautiful low end ear. Best mood and down-to-earth make Blu a favourite in the stable!

Latest Movie You' re gonna love this pretty kid! The most beautiful gelding in the shed! Cute attitude and down-to-earth. Magnificent on tracks, banners, tarpaulins and in the stadium. Latest Movie That cute kid was used for almost everything! Friendly character, a funny gelding with whom one likes to do everything.

Latest Movie Spoil your new horse, Katie! "Precision's Absolute Favorite" ponies like Ruger don't come around that often. This is something words cannot even describe in life. Have a look at the videoclip and see for yourself! Latest Movie The All Around Black Quarter Horse GeldingThis marvellous gelding is for all!

The same thing every day: trail, passage through waters, cows, work in the arenas, drilling....! A very friendly way, very simple to work with. Extraordinary down-to-earth, sincere and good-looking! Latest Movie This is a gelding for you to love! Offspring 2009 Red Roan 2009 This pretty gelding has a lot of effort, a lot of sportiness and an extraordinary Pedigree.

You can use it in the arenas, when working with cows, hiking or whatever you want. Unusual down-to-earth with the best planning. Latest Movie CodyChex has an extraordinary Pedigree, is very sportive and has a great working-morale. Terrific on tracks and in the stadium. Cute, affectionate manner with extraordinary people.

Latest Movie 2011/2013 AQHA Buckskin geldingThis charming youngster is as soft and soft as he comes. Banners, tarpaulins, paths.... no problems! Cute and friendly, with a caring, soft way. Latest Movie The Gorgeous Family GeldingThis pretty young horse was a young horse most of his time. Tracks, livestock, ranch, drills, whatever.

A very well-balanced head, not a creepy/quick horse guy. Cute attitude, with a friendlyhearted. Latest Movie The Gorgeous All Around Blockskin geldingThis breathtaking gelding is a very cute and friendly young. It is used intensively on the trail, at work with cows and in the arenas. Extraordinary floor manner, a very popular horse.

Latest Movie Extremely cute mind, extraordinarily well composed. Latest Movie

videotape: Mellow Milo, as he deserves his name. This is the lowest horse we've ever had. But we haven't found a thing that's going to phase this pretty kid. Equestrian of all age groups, very friendly and with extraordinary etiquette. Lovingly attitude makes him a favourite!

Promenades, campsite, drill, cattle work.... he'll be here soon! Latest Movie FABULIUS Hunting/Ranch/Trail GeldingThis strong, heavy-built gelding has lived in the hills for several hundred years. Marvellous on the farm.... was used to collect and organize. It'?s not the quickest horse, but the work is done. Latest Movie

Situated very fallow, extraordinary down-to-earth and very cute. He has many hiking mileage, very sure-footed and self-confidently alone. Latest Movie His first gelding, the 2006 Gogeous Blu-Roor Quarter Horse GeldingHere is a beautiful gelding that is big, deep and pretty! In order to round it all off, he has this beautiful red colour with a lovely nature and extraordinary floor-manner.

A very surefooted horse outside, not a creepy/quieting horse. You will be looking for many mile to find a horse that' s cuter than Peter. There is a gelding here that everyone can definitely appreciate, love and be proud to welcome into the extended group. For drills, livestock, hiking paths, horse back rides, etc.

This is a real unique horse guy! This Gorgeous Black Ranch gelding has a very beautiful grip, which is processed in the bridles as it should be. Extraordinary etiquette, good mood. ABRA Grulla geldingThis cute little baby is a friendly and lovely gelding that is as cute as the days are long.

Suitable for many hiking rides, 4 hours, campings, hiking cattle, etc. A very beautiful, strong gelding looking for a new sire. He is a 2007 Gray gelding. This beautiful young has greatness, great stature and is packed with cute! It is used for many trails, very sure-footed and self-confident.

Magnificent on livestock, a lot of driving with one big stop. Horseback one of the most beautiful wallache around..... paired with his cute nature, makes him a favourite here! Latest Movie Chip DeckelllaThis beautiful youngster will make a marvellous gelding when he is through. Mainly used for trekking rides. A very friendly character with extraordinary etiquette.

The gelding is RCA, and will be bucking with a back RCA. He is a 2012 DUN gelding. This young gelding is very sporty, with a great workhorse! Began well in reins and showed great hearts to the cows. Latest Movie "This gelding is something very unique and extraordinarily well broken!

Got to see video: The Adorable Draft Cross Black Dobiano GeldingIf you are looking for greatness, beauty and a lot of body, then you have come to the right place! That marvelous kid does it all with self-assurance and quality! He is not only beautiful to be ridden in the arenas, but also on tracks, over obstructions, drilling, planning, jumping, the schedule just goes on.....

Enthusiasm, extraordinary people. An absolute must! Latest Movie GabrieleGoose is very cute, friendly, sure-footed with big bones and big toes. Mainly used to rid and control cows, very self-confidently alone. Unusual down-to-earth combined with a very calm nature.

No mean bones in his corpse, like to please and is a real folk horse. Latest Movie AQHA Bay GeldingThis beautiful gelding is a favourite in the stable and has been rode by all horsemen. Safe on the paths, fabulously to grade, collect and use on cows.

Extraordinary talent, packed with beauty! Latest Movie This gelding is waiting and valuable. He is very affectionate and has a marvellous nature.

Arena, livestock work, trails, drill, whatever..... Latest Movie Stanley All Around Family GeldingYou will find it difficult to find a gelding with a better predisposition than Stanley. He is a beautiful Dun gelding and a real "folk horse" and loves and cares every day. Only used for travelling rides and working cows.

Selfconfident on the road, great over obstructions, also gets along well with other riders. Latest Movie

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