Black Rocky Mountain Horse

Schwarzes Felsengebirgspferd

When someone is looking for an amazing little Rocky Mountain filly, this filly is just the thing. So pretty, Black Rocky Mountain Horse. Selling Black Rocky Mountain Trees Elegant Rocky Mountain Wallace. Eight year old sturdy black Rocky Mountain Gelding. She has some very beautiful old Rocky lines.

He was very well educated by his owner, even the fact that he was hand-raised, desensitised and manipulated.... The Incognito is a breathtaking black horse who has just finished his saddle education and is a great horse to ride.

She is a wonderful black broodmare and is sold with her weaning stallion foal Grulo and she will be.... She is the whole pack with her looks, build, blood lines and experiences. She is a wonderful foal who is very cute and is reared by a pair who owns her father and mother and who has a very good....

It was begun as a wandering horse.... That beautiful kid was brought up by hands and loved humans! He has a cute, soft nature, .... Selling Merry only as a brood mare, she has a beautiful weaned foal in her, now that she can..... He' s black and really a good man....

Nice black RMH stud. She is a wonderful fillies with a great character and sperm. It is black and carious and.....

Horse for Sale in Taylorsville, KY

Mary's Mountain Horse are birthed and raised on the farm that belongs to Mary Lipginski, who also owns the farmhouse. Whitekeeping Oaks Farm specialises in the education and sale of high value mountain horse gear. You' ll find that Mary's horse is chosen and raised for her spirit, variety, gait and dignity for the trails and showarenas.

Many of our dressage riders have rode many kilometres on the mountain ranges and paths of this area in order to put them to the test and enhance their variety, and... our dressage riders have also performed well in the show ring. The United Mountain and Rocky Mountain Horse Show circuits are followed, where many Whispering Oaks Farm riders have found their way into the "Winner's Circle" and have been named State, International and World Champions.

There are many nice premium Gelding, Broodmares, Foals und Stud farms on the estate, which all represent the typical characteristics of the mountain horse race. Mountain Horse comes in a wide range of colours such as Perlino, Chocolate, Creamless, Suede, Grey, Roans, Blue Roans, Chocolate Roans and more. Our colts and broodmares are hand-picked at White Living Farms to select the best with the best and grow the best.

Sky's on Fire has given birth to many wonderful stallions in his brief pedigree years. We' ve added the "Rockies" (mountain horses) to our yard because of their stile, their elegance, their sweet-soft character and their lovely four-stroke-course. Almost swimming on a gang horse is the horse of life, but mountain riding is the best way to do it.

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