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Hooded blanket

Think of life as a jungle cat as you wrap yourself in Fin Fun's Roary Lion animal blanket with a realistic fur mane, a tail and protruding whiskers! Thought I' d make her a similar blanket designed for use on the couch. Cuddly fleece blanket that wears like a cape to keep you warm whether you sit on the sidelines or camp out in the great outdoors.

Suplice and Tools:

M11 and R16 = 4" in sock. cast on 100 sts lazily. Work back and forth across the needles in lines until piece starts at 37" and ends with a purlin line. Take lots off. cast on 57 sts. Work back and forth over needles in lines and work 2 rounds.

Purple. Re-repeat last 2 lines 8x more. Work last 3 st. Re-repeat last 2 lines 8x more. Finish: Stitch the sides of the hood to the top edge of the ceiling.

Hooded Lion Blanket | Wild Things Blankets

Think of your wild fauna while wrapping yourself in Fin Fun's Roary Livingstone blanket with a real hairy peltail, a real hairy cock and projecting coronary hair! Feel like roaming the deserts of Africa or daydreaming of hunting a zebra with your own zebra while sleeping in this "portable" blanket with hood and feet to cuddle in.

You will be proud to have such a true-to-life comforter! The Roary Lion from the Wild Things range has a real looking head of organic colored black bristles that will make your boyfriends look like two! It' smooth, double-sided mesh snuggles up to your chassis as you snuggle further into its hood and toes. Felt and stitched footprints are the detail.

There' even a fuzzy lion's cock! You' re gonna like sneaking around in that portable blanket! We have a smooth cloth, so no extra softening agent is required!

Ceiling with built-in hood: 8 levels

I made a huge banner two years ago to show my full backing for the West Tigers with polarfleece (see the banner in Figure 2). She is very fond of the banner, not because of her passion for the powerful tigers, but because it is solid (2m x 2.5m, about 6.5'x7') and hot - she often uses it on the sofa or on the road in cold weather (picture 3).

Thought I' d make her a similar blanket that' s made for use on the sofa. Its turn in comparison to any other blanket is that it has a hood that makes it a giant hoodie. When I started the design, I came across this similarly working sofas, but mine only has a hood to cover you as well as possible (and it's a little less expensive too).

All you need is a sewing mashine, needles, the consumable materials are plain wool yarn (colour of your choosing, covered) and the polarfleece fabric (step 3). Of course, the ceiling itself is uncritical - make it your own, no matter what you like.

"Testing " this hooded blanket by my friend has shown that it is an ideal fit to transform two persons up front on a sofa, and is perfect with a queensize quilt for use as a spring/autumn blanket. That' s why I stay with a 2m x 2,5m area.

It uses an alternate square patterns of red, green and blue. There were 500mm square per side. It seemed to me to be a faulty theme, so I chose the square again, but I will select a few others and a larger selection of them. With a 1 cm hem around each side, the end of the square being 520 mm per side.

I didn't have a set-in brick bonnet pattern at the time, just a general notion that it should go to the center line about a quarter from the end. Slice the hood with the adjoining dots. I' d used polarfleece to make the banner before.

When you work with polarfleece, it expands and stays in new forms. You need approx. 6 running meters, according to the desired color and sample selection. I' ve been playing around with some designs with Excel by adding prestigious colors to squares of them. I would have gone with the design in Fig. 2 if I had had enough light-transparency.....

To make sure the rectangles all matched, I used the "relative error" method. Keep in mind that you do not have to remove the two square to which the hood is fixed - just hold off until the next move! In order to create the built-in hood, I drew the hood of an available hood jumpers.

A few measurements are lacking in the picture, make it so that your designs are one-of-a-kind. Glue the hood between two rectangles so that the sample is at the border of two neighboring rectangles. I walk along the axis and in, between the lighter and lighter blued rectangles in the preceding cadence.

Using some cotton to make a rudimentary design to make sure I got the position of the hood along the right side rim. This image shows the measurements for the'Hood squares'. Bite a small hole in front of the hood so that the hood fits comfortably, i.e. only 130 mm from the corners and stitch back and forth a few seams with the aid of the sewn mashine.

Begin stitching together a square. It was the simplest way to make the square into a row of four and then make the five lines together. Put two rectangles on top of each other. I' ve used a zigzag stitches with middle length and width. If you have two adjoining lines, seam them together.

Extend the edges as much as possible and stretch/compress them so that they are well aligned at the corners of four dots. Push the entire rim down approx. 5cm. Don't emphasize it too much if you miss a centimeter or so, it is doomed in the general awe of the finished ceiling.

When entering the last line, hold a large line of materials while guiding them through the sew ingine. Here is my ready-made blanket. Figure 1 shows me modeling on my sofa. Figure 2 shows it on my bunk - works great as a blanket, and you don't even know the Hoodole.

Updated with images when we come back from vacation..... now I am enjoying modeling it.

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