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This is the first in a series of eleven books and Anderson's most famous work. Billy gets his own horse for his birthday in Billy and Blaze! who loved horses more than anything in the world. Billsy and Blaze books are perfect for horse mad kids. Together, Billy and his loyal pony Blaze set off west in another exciting adventure by C.

W. Anderson.

Willy and Blaze

The Billy and Blaze was composed and illustrated in 1936 by Clarence William Anderson. This is the first in a long line of eleven books and Anderson's most famous work. It is about a little kid, Billy, and his fringe, Blaze, whom he gets as a present in this work.

Billy and Blaze's adventure centered on the correct grooming of the horse while there was a lecture. A few other tracks in the franchise are Blaze and the Gypsies, Blaze and the Forest Fire, and Blaze finds the way. Each title in the collection contained full-page illustration and easy-to-read text.

An exhaustive listing of the books of the range and release dates is as follows:

Books by Billy and Blaze by C.W. Anderson by Simon & Schuster

Eight books from the popular Billy and Blaze collection by C.W. Anderson are now available together in a collection box! Billy gets his own horse for his anniversary in Billy and Blaze! They' a great squad, but are they good enough to take the Mason Horse Show cups?

Billy and Blaze discover bushes full of fumes in Blaze and the Forest Fire and immediately speed through the forest to set off the alert. By the end of the picnic they will be awarded Blaze Carrot, Billy Pie and a very unique gift to split. At Blaze Finds the Trail, Billy and Blaze explore a new street.

But before they know it, the skies are getting gloomy with a tempest ahead, and Billy can't find out how to get out of the forest. Could Blaze find her way and get her home safe? Billy's boyfriend Jim can't control a ferocious horse named Thunderbolt in Blaze and Thunderbolt.

Billy and Blaze can make it where they want to be.

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