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Design your helmet with Troxel Helmet Bling. The high-tech riding helmet is equipped with a removable, washable, water-repellent lining. A K TM riding helmet offers the perfect synergy between advanced safety technology and aesthetic design.

A K? Bling Suede Bling Helmet**

That' s why our 100% customer service warranty allows you to buy with confidence: if you make a choice that does not fit you or your horses, you can give it back for a full refund, substitute or conversion. Undocumented items may be returned at the minimum retail value for the last 60 business day in a complimentary greeting or voucher.

The used saddles must be handed back within 30 workingdays from the day of sale. Helmet and protector can be sent back up to 30 day after your order in mint conditions with genuine packing and manufacturers' trailers. By sharing your concern, we work closely with specialists in this area to ensure a high-security ordering area.

In the event of payment cardholders committing cheating, the Fair Cards Act stipulates that your payment cardholder cannot make you responsible for more than $50.00 of deceptive debits to your bankroll. In order to obtain this level of security, you must immediately inform your payment processing provider of any potential scams and comply with the procedure described in your payment order.

Riding Helmet One Kitefender Bling Helmet

This One K Defence Bling Helm combines a sportily shaped riding hat with Chamude Synthetik velour cover and soft Swarovski crystal for demanding sophistication! One K Define-Bling does not save on styling and styling. The well thought-out riding protection hat is equipped with a really convenient, detachable lining and a cushioned belt and is fully ventilated for cooling convenience during the whole year!

A Swarovski crystal Swarovski style anti-microbial and fast dry detachable and launderable inner layer of a Swarovski deerskin. Soak up the comforts and lightness of the cushioned belt with faux leather padding, tire and look settings and Fastex buckles. Whilst the One Kit Bling certainly makes a show ring claim, this is the perfect choice for school life and looks great in both show jumping and training.

A real all-around help. They are available in blacks with blacks, blacks with clear crystal, greys with blacks, greys with aurora crystal, navy with blues and brown with amber color. Defender suede with Swarovski crystal from One K is a breathtaking swarovski crystal hard hat with certificated caution.

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