Blooded Horse Sale

Sale of Blooded Horse

Wilmore, Kentucky. Receive directions, reports and information for Blooded Horse Sales in Delaware, OH. This is yearling video for The Blooded Horse Sales Company. For more information, please visit www.bloodedhorse.


The Blooded Horse Sale catalogue is available on-line.

Blooded Horse Falls Sale offers 1,469 mounts on Delaware County Fairgrounds Monday, November 18 through Thursday, November 21. Sales include 345 years old, 198 two-year old, 297 three-year old and 87 weaned mares as well as several hundred brood mares and a few sires. Yearling from Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario will be selling on Monday.

Bloody Horse Saleset for Monday, February 12th

We have 417 registered ponies for the 55-yearly sale of bloodhounds in winter, which will be hold on Monday, February 12, in Delaware, Ohio. Sales include 26 years old, 26 two-year old, 49 three-year old, 45 foals, eight stallions and over 200 racing mares. This sale represents an uncommon occasion to buy a royal-raised Angus Hall 2-year-old in education who is sold to pay off a criminal bankroll.

Giant catalog for sale of blood horses now available on line - USTA - Harness Racing Newsroom

Giant Blooded Horse Sale Catalog now availableOctober 29, 2014 - by Dot Morgan, for the Blooded Horse Sales Co. Delaware, OH- --- The Blooded Horse Falls Sale offers nearly 1,400 horse shows on Delaware County Fairgrounds Monday (November 17th) to Thursday (November 20th). Sales include 262 years old, 175 two-year-old, 175 three-year-old, 312 three-year-old, 58 weaners and 150 mares, as well as several hundred racehorses.

Throughout the sale there are a number of Stake's actors along with young foals and light riddensters. Entire catalog is now available on-line.

236 Pennsylvania Ave Delaware, OH Horse Breeder

The Blooded Horse Distribution division supplies the Midwest area. They sell standard ponies at auction in Delaware, Ohio. His employees are highly skilled in supporting the purchase and sale of horse. Throughout the year, the firm carries out horse purchases, which include seasonal mixes, autumn speeds, autumn speeds, winter speeds, autumn speeds and pre-jug mixtures.

In addition to the sale of standard ponies, the business also distributes racing bicycles, jogging sledges and horseboxes.

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