Bloodstock Auctions Australia

Stock Auctions Australia

and New Zealand. Visit the Australia Site - NZB Airfreight. Directeur du développement des affaires chez Bloodstock Auction Pty Ltd.

Bloodstock auction commemorates 100th Online Thoroughbred Auction

Full blood on-line auctions. "We are delighted to have achieved 100 auctions and our 101st sale is now on-line with over 170 thoroughbred offers," said Anthony Gafa (Director of Bloodstock Auction). "From our very first sale, we have been selling well over 5,000 horse with more than 1,000 horse sales this year in Australia alone, and our handling rates are over 70% and sales are over $14 million.

We are very proud of the level of services we offer our members and the whole blood community, and the hundredth sale was a tremendous milestone," Anthony said. In summary, you can clearly see why Bloodstock Australasia B.A. continues to be Australasia's number one online thoroughbred auctions, despite several failed "imitation attempts" to duplicate the company's overall strategy and platforms.

"We are also proud to announce in connection with our centenary auction that our relationship with Ronald McDonald House in Westmead has brought in $50,000 and we would like to thank our generos ity stallion owners who have generously contributed up to 100% of their stallion blankets to help this valuable charity," says Anthony.

McDonald Bloodstock Sale surpasses fund-raising goal

Loodstock Auction's second yearly online Stallion Cover Charity Sale has surpassed its donation objective and raised more than $100,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney. With the first 2017 $50,000 dollar revenue from the 2017 year' initial sale, Bloodstockuction Director Anthony Gafa made it his objective to double the number in the second year and was thrilled to have beaten it.

More than 70 sires of some of the best and most successfull sires in Australia and New Zealand were auctioned. Stud keepers and stud masters gave their stud coats and chose to give either 50% or 100% of the revenue to the cause. "My group and I were totally thrilled with the kind and generous nature of the business.

No matter whether you gave a gift for a album, offered a CD sleeve, purchased a CD sleeve or just help us spread the word, without you we wouldn't have made it," said Mr Gafa. During 2017, the money collected was used to complete the building of the new 60 room Ronald McDonald House in Westmead, with the new plant formally opened in February 2018.

Since the 18-room house was fully occupied in 2017 alone, up to 400 households were rejected due to a shortage of capacities. Due to the increase in the number of households that the house can now sponsor, the operating expenses have also grown considerably. Everyone who failed the auctions or would like to make a donation to Ronald McDonald House Westmead can do so on-line at or call the house at (02) 9806 7111 to make a donation by telephone.

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