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Above Flash Point Bloodstock - Above PRO HORSE SERVICES. Our auction collection for the internet auction in June for sport horses and ponies is now online. This is a guide for beginners to sell thoroughbred horses in a public auction.

Sporthorse Auctions from Flashpoint Bloodstock LLC

Our collection for the June web auctions for sport horses and ponies is now available now. Tintin and Cathy Jennings of Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC, and are delighted to announce that the revelation of their new fun, portable on-line sale at the April web auctions was a big one. Tintin and Cathy Jennings from Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC and wish everyone a happy and successful New Year.

According to an autumn plan that was filled with an extreme amount of work, which almost comprised a distribution, an online auctions for Mt Dragon Welsh ponies and online auctions for the two US Hanoverians.... is proud to present the first KWPN-NA Society Autumn Consignment Sale 2015 and the campaign is on! These auctions are exclusively for the use of horse owners registering in KWPN-NA or KWPN.

The tender for the September sale at is open. Don't miss a fantastic selection of high quality sport ponies and interested parties! Sporthorse ActionIVE! Autumn auctions begin with a Europe-wide theme livestream auctions. Virginia Young Horse Festival at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia, is the sporting horse sale for young riders who want to compete in young horse shows together with jumper, hunter and young horse.... is happy to announce that the April on-line sale was a great one! The total mean sale value for the auctions was $7,565, the top 5 mean sale values were $16,414, with the best-selling horse "Clever" fetching $31,565 (shipped by Amber Hill Farm, LLC.)! by Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC announces its second yearly Internet sale of the American Hanoverian Society for young interested parties, breeders and competitive athletes.

Auctions will take place in October 2015 and will again take place in cooperation with the US Hanoverian..... The invitation to tender is open for the Internet auctions in March at and begins at 19:00 h East, 12 March. One shipment from a great grower has just been added to the compilation.

You can see Oldenburg and Hannoverian broodmares, young ponies of the 4-year-old soprano.....

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