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Happy birthday to the graduates of the Western Bloodstock Sale at the Arbuckle Mountain Futurity: Winter Premier Sale was back at the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Celebration of Champions. The Bloodstock is a first class horse sale that brings together some of the best bloodlines in the industry and is a top class auction and marketing. Pferdeverkaufsarchiv The 2018 deadline for the National Reined Horse Association (NRCHA) Snaffle Bit Futurity is imminent. On Thursday mornings McQuay Stables announces its plans to spread its iconic Reining horse programme. December 10, 2017 93 NCHA Futurity Cutting Horse Sale Held December 10, 2017 93 Horse remitted $2,756,500 brut to for $29,640 selling an average of 73 (78%), $1,949,100 net, $26,700 and $21,000 respectively.

Favorite Breeders Sales Meeting III on December 9, 2017 115 Preferred Breeders remitted $2,293,100 brutally for $19,940 medium of 100 units oversold (87%), $1,915,100 net, $19,151 medium and $16,250 medium. Priority Breeders Sales Meeting II on December 8, 2017 138 Preferred Breeders Sales meeting II on December 8, 2017 138 Horse remitted $2,881,400 brutally for $20,880 averaged 119 sells (86%), $2,408,200 net, $20,237 average and $15,000 median.

Favorite Breeders Sales Meeting I Hero December 7, 2017 138 Preferred Breeders Sales Meeting December 7, 2017 138 Horse remitted $2,359,800 brutto for a $17,100 average 119 sells (86%), $1,982,100 net, $16,656 averages and $15,000 media. 2-year NCHA Futurity sales meeting II on December 6, 2017 95 NCHA Futurity remitted 95 horse $2,945,600 brut for $31,006 selling an average of 77 (81%), $2,252,600 net, $29,255 medium and $20,000 medium.

I On December 5, 2017, 115 horse remitted $3,216,900 brutto for $27,973 selling an statistic of 73 (63%), $1,967,900 net, $26,958 statistically, and $19,000 statistically.

µCQUAY STARBLES to obtain the full DISPERSAL.

The Legacy Sale of the McQuay Stables will take place on 28 September 2018 in the Legacy Sale of the Completed Dispersal Sale. NRHA Hall of Fame members Tim and Colleen McQuay have reared, educated and shown some of the best in the business. McQuays have shaped Reining's sports through the Hollywood Dun It, Gunner and now Yellow Jersey breed programmes, along with important innovation in the development of new class rooms and increasing equestrian sports governance levels.

Tintin and Colleen are available as always for practice sessions, horse selling, consultation and hospitals. Furthermore you will be part of the administration and manufacturing of the National Breeders Classics as well as the Tulsa Classics. You will also be working with the National Reining Horse Association, US Equestrian and the US Hunter Jumper Association.

Weanlings, Jährlinge, Zweijährige, Dreijährige, Dreijährige, Weanlings, Stud mares and broodmares in foals are offered for sale. Visit the McQuay Stables and legacy sale Facebook pages for updated information. The sale is your opportunity to own part of the heritage of the most rewarding breed and education programme in NRHA's heritage.

Blood lines and recordings of the available horse are unsurpassed. This was good breaking news also for the horse trimming business after the first sale during the NCHA Futurity. Seven NCHA Futurity 2017 sessions marked the start of the first sale - the NCHA Futurity 2-year sale session 1 - with a pop on Tuesday 5 December in the Watt Arena.

Most of the 130 broadcasts that work on bovine animals include the results of Jeremy and Candace Barwick's Western Bloodstock Ltd. the distributor for all seven sells, they booked $3,194,400 for an averaging $25,572. It averaged a hefty $26,830 and a $19,000 media (median midway between the best-selling horse and the best-selling horse).

Hunter Meinzer from Meinzer Livestock LLC, Weatherford, Texas, presented the fillies, which seemed to be prepared for Futurity 2018. Patton, from Fort Worth, is the proprietor of the Rocking P Ranch and is a fairly new man in the horse cutters world. Biz Kitty Show has three breadwinners of $226,892. 2016 sales results were released by Quarter Horse News Sale results on August 15, 2017.

Are you looking for a well-trained, experienced breeding horse, a mare, a youngster or a two-year-old? Can you prepare for the futurity next year? The broad range of cutthorses will be sold in three different selling arena during the NCHA 2017 Futurity 2010, which is currently taking place at the Will Rogers Coliseum. Seven sells, which take place during six trading sessions from 5 to 10 December, are accompanied by almost 800 dismantled stallions.

During the NCHA Futurity all products are manufactured by Western Bloodstock Ltd. The auctioneers are Steve Friskup, Muleshoe, Texas; Justin Holmberg, Lexington, Ky. and Wade Cunningham, Jay, Okla. The sale begins at 9am on Tuesday, December 5th, with session 1, at which 130 heads of 2-year-old, piercing, raised horse will go under the auctioneer's thumb in the first of two meetings in the Watt stadium where the coaches will show the horse, some of which are already on heifers.

All of the rookies will be nominees for the NCHA Futurity next year. The NCHA 2 -Year Sale - Session 2: A grand total of 110 2 -Year-Olds will go to the NCHA 2 -Year Sale on Wednesday 6 December during Session 2 of the NCHA 2 -Year Sale, beginning at 9 am in the Watt Arena on the Wednesday morning auctions.

Every youngster is launched and named for the NCHA Futurity 1918. Choose Yearling Sale & Gala: Selected Yearling Sale and Gala, which takes place on Wednesday 6 December and includes a 18.00 supper, with sales from 19.00. Both supper and sales take place at the Round-Up Inn.

Usually this selected sale contains the highest median amount that will be payed for the horse from all sale. Privileged Breeders' Sale - Session 1: The Preferred Breeders' Sale was divided into two meetings, the first of which, comprising 142 top-bred breeding stock, will be on sale in the John Justin Sale Arena from 10 a.m. on Thursday 7 December.

Favourite Breeders' Sales - Session II: The Favourite Breeders' Session II starts on Friday 8 December at 10 a.m. in the John Justin Sale Arena on Friday 8 December. Shortly before sale, however, two 2018 breeds will be sold by auction to Rockin 5 Ranch LLC's industry-leading father, the High Brow Cat, as well as a Rockin W Syndicate stock shipped by Mariposa Farms LLP.

The Preferred Breeders Sale - Session III: The Preferred Breeders Sale - Session III, will take place on Saturday, December 9th at the John Justin Sale Stadium, with 120 sold ponies from 10 a.m. The sale includes 120 pieces of mostly young and skilled cutters.

  • 2017 NCHA Futurity Cuttin' Horse Sale: Their last opportunity to buy a Cut Horse during NCHA Futurity sale is Sunday 10 December at the Watt Arena. Following the presentation and sale of four Selection Show Dogs, starting at 9am, the 2010 Sale will feature 100 farmed horse breeds of all age groups, most of them in education or with achievement and cash making record.

The sale takes place in the Watt Arena, so you can test the cutability of herds. Don't neglect to take a thick and beautiful catalogue with you on your way to the shop and have your chequebook with you. You have to announce some stallions or you have to submit a stud breed to AQHA.

Numerous raises were made by the Quarter Horse Association, which comes into force on 1 January 2018. AQHA has provided the information on its website and says, "To provide the best possible services to our members and horse enthusiasts around the globe, it is necessary for AQHA to revise the association's budgets and make changes to sustain a solid monetary base to help sustain the great association's futures.

"We are the biggest pedigree club in the word and the Quarter Horse Society aims for excellent breeding records and excellent service as an organization. It also evaluates the different businesses that carry the pillars: technologies, businesses, the expansion of the Quarter Horse Foundation, talent management and operating efficiencies.

Affiliates get 10 editions of members - America's Horse only, an Authorized AAQHA Member ID, admission to AAQHA programmes and instant member admission - only rebates offered by Ford, SmartPak, John Deere and others. I sent a message to Latest News last night that a "well-known horse breeder killed a bound, stubborn horse several occasions with a BB gun at a NCHA strike in Whitesboro, Texas.

Updating this information is that the show took place on Saturday, July 15th, instead of July 8th. This well-known horse breeder is also a top non-non. NCHA's judge director, Russell McCord, was phoned and said what was going on, and he asked the phoner to do whatever was necessary to stop it and make the man who shot the horse walk, which he did.

One viewer made a tape of the shoot-out, which is now in the NCHA's clutches, and I realize that they have started the trial against the individual who did the shoot-out, as they are definitely against the NCHA's strongly promoted zero tolerence "crucifixion" politics. Not yet a reference to this person's name, but I know that this is a non-pro and a big ad man in editing horse chatter, which allows the NCHA to make some difficult decisions.

NEWS: 0 Equestrian Ichis My Choice Award (Cat Ichi x My Little Abra), held by J Five Horse Ranch Mgmt, LLC, Weatherford, Texas, but was the only competitor to qualified for three finalists. Open Classic/Challenge Final is planned for Saturday, July 22nd, after six NCHA Derby Amateur and UnlimitedAmateur First Go-Rounds.

Today the Non-Pro and Limited Non-Pro in the Classic/Challenge Go-Run takes place. Remember, the Western Bloodstock Spectacular Sale with 145 shows takes place on Saturday, July 22nd, in the Watt Arena at 9am NCHA SPECTACULAR SALE: 2017 NCHA is the NCHA Spectacular Sale, led by Jeremy and Candace Barwick, and is planned for Saturday, July 22, 2017 at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth.

We have 145 catalogued stallions, with a listing of those that have been purchased and a copy of the sales catalogue available at Sales, which begin at 8am, include a sales incentive where all qualifying youngsters who are participating in a Western Bloodstock sale throughout the year are entitled to take part in the Bl-Western Bloodstock sales incentive.

Buyers have the opportunity to make a payment of $600 for the filly to be considered for the Bl-Western Bloodstock Sale Incentive wallet that will be awarded to the 4 highest advanced filly in the Open and Non-Pro class of the BI Derby in the year of the game. Sales take place during the NCHA Summer Spectacle, which takes place from 17 July to 6 August and is the last stage of the NCHA Triple Crown of Cutting and lasts 21 consecutive nights.

The NCHA Derby for 4-year-olds and the NCHA Classic Challenge for 5/6-year-olds are offered and the wallet is over 2 million dollars. The third gem in the NCHA Grand Prix, the NCHA Derby, has seen only three open ended stallions, and a non-pro is awarded the Grand Prix Grand Prix title. NYCHA Convention and scholarship dismantling will take place in connection with the spectacle that will take the young people to the top of the contest.

A sales catalogue can be found at A spectacular timetable for the NCHA summer can be found at: GELDING OLD PALACE AVERAGED $7,670 AT CLASSIC RANCH HORSE SALES IN WESTERN HERITAGE: In May, the Western Heritage Classic Invitational Ranch Horse Sale took place in Abilene, Texas and featured quarter horses from 24 celebrity owned farms.

Equestrian animals yielded a recorded $7,670 median, with the median of older Gelding (4 years and older) being $13,885. The top seller was TRR Sharlenas Pepcid, shipped from Tongue River Ranch, Dumont, Texas, and bought by Glenn Springer of Aspermont for $25,000. showed the best horse, the SR Surprise Party (Quest).

This information is taken from the Lone Star Horse review.

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