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Pittstown, NJ, Blue Bridle Insurance Agency, Inc. à Pittstown, NJ. UE BRIDLE Insurance Agency, Inc. home page After earning my bronze and silver with my former stallion, Goldbaron, also under the Blue Bridle policy for many years - which brought us back on course after a carpal tunnel injuries, I try for my USDF golden award with..

.h Ryder. When he was 7 years old he continued his Florida practice with Heidi Degele and we both will be there for the 2019 Olympic year.

He' s currently in training at PSG and I want to keep working with freestyles musicals, which Goldbaron and I did very well last year! We' re planning to be back in New York City and show the fourth level/PSG and the 2019 free-style year! Thank you for watching our backs, Blue Bridle!"

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Based in Pittstown, New Jersey, Blue Bridle Insurances Agency is approved for transactions in more than 40 countries. This is one of the biggest and oldest insurances for equestrian risks, specialising in the insurances of equestrian sports (almost all races and disciplines), as well as equestrian farming and personal accident insurances.

Quantity & AQ: What kind of product or service do you offer? and for equestrian business and activity. F: How large is your office and do you have different sites? One of the oldest and biggest horse insurances in the Netherlands, specializing exclusively in horse insurances.

QUALIFICATIONS A: Blue Bridle is an independant insurer that allows us to act for many different insurers specialising in horse insurances. A. Horse morbidity insurances are the largest part of our work. Colics are one of the most common causes of deaths, so the costs of an operation without cover may be prohibitively high.

We have a shared commitment with our customers: the passion for the horse. The majority of our employees own a horse and are enjoying it for fun and in competitions.

It allows us to adapt to the needs of the individuals we service and understanding the risk associated with ownership of equestrian property and farm ownership and the associated liabilities. F: If there was some kind of tip you could give folks on the product markets like yours, what would it be?

R: Trust in representatives who specialise in horse insurances. For example, general consultancies can comprehend cars, but not horse!

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