Blue Camo Horse Halter

Camo Blue Horse Halter

WEASTERN BRIDLE (Full Browband) from CAMOUFLAGE Beta Biothane. Soft HALTER & LEAD with Biothane CAMOUFLAGE. He was a little too big for my horse, which surprised me because his face is very big. Pink or blue foal halter.

I' ve ordered the blue camouflage for my mare and everyone who sees her loves her.

Horsehalters, Horse and Horsehalters

We have an expansive gift library for all kinds of pet enthusiasts, and more! This is a high-quality halter in the latest colours. Perris padded holsters are handmade in America by amic artisans from high grade leathers. This is my favourite place for personalised horse halter!

Camouflaged nylon horse halter

Situated in New Holland, PA, in the centre of the amiceland. Our after sales department is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 - 18.00 and on Saturdays from 9.00 - 16.00. So if you are ever in the area, we would like to get to know you personally.

We' re looking forward to helping you and your horse Love the Ride!

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It is the responsibility of all articles sent out to ensure the value of the articles in the carton. A second bill will be sent after your articles are complete and fit to be mailed. If you do NOT want to take the additional cover with you, but I DO NOT assure that your parcel will be delivered.

As soon as the articles have left our enterprise, we are NOT anymore liable........ This is your responsibility to make sure that you have once payed the right postal adress on the INVOICE-Formular! IN CASE YOUR POSTAL ADRESS IS INCORRECT ON PAYPAL/INVOICE, YOU HAVE TO MODIFY IT BEFORE YOU PAY THE INVOICE! POST PRIORITY COMES WITH $50 INSURANCE AND THAT'S IT!


These are things made just for you, but still for your horse-related activity! Here is a little something that will make your work with your horse's legs a little more comfortable! Initially conceived as a brightet markers, these small things can be used for so much more! Place it on the holster - adjust the ceiling mark to the holster mark.

If you use color-coded ceiling markers, select a color for the horse and a color for the grammage of the ceiling. OR ~ If you only want to organise by grammage or ceiling style, select a color for the entire mark. - There' s a colour-coded table on the stable walls or name badges with the colours above each ceiling hooks, so you can quickly see which colours belong to which horses and/or which colours you need for the grammage or kind of ceiling on that one.

Select the colors that are best suited for you! Select one or two of the Paracord colors for each markers, which you can find on the "People Stuff Colours" page. The loop is approx. 2 1/2" long before it is fastened to the ceiling. Please select when ordering: Here is what Devin had to say when she ordered her second load of Blanquet Markers (see her photo below, 8 Black with Purple, 4 Royal Blue with Turquoise).....

"I use them to highlight turning points, halter, covers, paint tools, and more. We' ve got a bunch of guys using a similar seat in my shed ('four guys have the same seat as me'), so I'll put marks on anything I can think of! Up to now I have labeled two calipers, two straps, four covers, two holsters, one hoof-scratcher and three paintbrushes!

Five ceiling markers. The violet bow indicates the color for a particular horse. Plum Crazy strap (the violet orange strap on the left) indicates the non-waterproof cover for this horse. Soil is 100 grams orange is 200 grams, red is 300 grams, rainbow is the same.

Hunter Green Floor marker with yellow, silver-grey, red, neon-green and silver-grey floor. Ceiling marker in ebony strap with orange, yellow, neon green, purple, neon pink. Ceiling marker in Burgundy with silver-grey, yellow, orange and more. Ceiling marker in black/white with white, blue and grey parts.

Purple Acid & Silver Grey Stripes strap with neon pink camo bottom. Three ceiling markers with blue camo strap and violet base. Lilac purple on the l.h., royal blue with turquoise on the right. Refer to Devin's comment above as she is planning to use these blanket markers. Ceiling marker with neon pink strap and grey, yellow, orange and upholstery.

Ceiling marker with blue camo strap and grey, yellow, orange and reddish ground. There are 49 ceiling markers here....that's right...49! The blue bow means that it is a watertight cover, the brown bow means that it is not watertight. Soil is the hottest or 300 grams the orange is 200 grams, yellow is 100 grams, green is for a raindrop.

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