Blue Roan Mini Horse

Mini Blue Roan Horse

Horses from Iceland and miniature can also be roan. Our mini horses are all show quality. I' ve seen many horses that were wrongly called "blue horses", which is another term for a black Roan. The blue roans have black faces. A grey or pink and white pinto filly.

Miniature Blue Roan horses for sales

Thin Hidden River Of Shooting Stars is a gorgeous Blue Roan Filly. 4 year old 32" Blue Barbie mare out of 2 Blue Wild Design a split t..... That' Bugs, she' s a 12-year-old 33-inch mini-pony. That' Forest, he' s a five-year-old 29-inch mini blacks stallion.

Absolutely nice foal for sell. Granat is two month old, very kind mare foal.

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