Blue Roan Paint Horses for Sale

Beautiful Blue Roan Paint horses for sale

Family Horses For Sale J & J Paints and Quarter Horses specialized in Blue Roan horses for sale. Jument paint horse blue roan overo. PferdeAmerican Paint HorsePretty HorsesBeautiful HorsesPinto HorsesBunnies.

Beautiful Blue Roan Paint horses for sale

For sale: The five-year-old blue Roan Paint bay horse Lucy. Sierras Obvioustar (Sierras Sonnny ofSony Dee Bar) dam: IMA REDUED RIMBLIN ima redued rimblin kid (Stella) is a beautiful colour of rose. Now this little Filly can enter.....'REIN N SHINE' "FAITH" 6-10-18 APHA Black Bay Tobiano Foal by Big Gunner and The Big Gun XL.....

Paiyne FARM DUCKY APHA 11 year old horse. Learn your new best buddy DUCKY Get out and RIDE WTC ring and....

Y & J Colours and Quarter Horses, LLC

and Quarter Horses specialized in Blue Roan horses for sale. In Dodgeville, Wisconsin, we are at the breeding farm of an aspa blue roan colt together with a qha blue, creamllo and buckskin dam. Blue horses we like. The Roan is made up of individual pieces of hair that are mixed with the ground colour of a horses.

The roans give the horses a brighter look, while the manes, tails, heads and feet are prone to stay lighter, near the primordial colour. It' is a dominating genes and any person who has at least one copy of the Roan gen will be Roan. One implying the predominance of the genes is that at least one parental must be a Roan to transmit the genes â it cannot occur in descendants of two non-roan parental plants, even if they have Roan forefathers.

The Roan horses are bred as Roan and will remain so for a lifetime. Roans and greys can be differentiated because a grey is given birth in darkness and brightens more each year, usually first on the forehead, while a roan with mixed hair is given birth and the forehead remains deeper than the corpse.

The tubes are available in brown, blue and amber. Here on our yard we even gave birth to a roan of our own colt and a roan colt. We also have some beautiful horses in brown and blue for sale.

Favourites are the real blue roan with massive blacks, massive blacks, dark legs....and a lot of roan (white hair) all over the skull. There' been a mix-up between Roan and Grey. Grey horses also have whitish hair on their face and feet, but a real Roan has no grey skull.

There is always a colt at our Gestüt here at J & J Paints and Quarter Horses. Our horse is presented to the general audience and we also offer his heirs. Many of our blue colts are kept and bred for training and sale. Blue horses have become a very favourite colour and the rancher and the cowboy seem to really like them.

We' re in South Central Wisconsin and we' re sellin' our blue horses all over the state. If you are interested in seeing or buying a stallion from us, we have transport facilities and can help you in every respect. Specialized in the sale of well broken trails and show horses of all colours, send us an e-mail to or visit our website for nice blue horses for sale.

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