Bmb Horse Blankets

Badminton horse blankets

Adjustable brass halter with adjustable crown. Adjustable brass halter with adjustable crown. High-quality horse blankets Bmb from tested and experienced manufacturers.

Blankets & Bed Linen - Bmb

Federal Ministry of Education and Research winters blankets set." Incl. hoods and cover. It sells almost everything related to horses (and sometimes other items), and we specialise in buying outs of shops that close and horse sellers who get out of the shop. Visit our shop, where we are selling both new and used articles at reasonable costs!

If you like something, buy it before it's gone! The net zhaube de BMB - bietet Fliegen- und UV-SchutzTagged size mittel offers - misst 47"...... creefrom polyp oly polym ode à finalWhite avec une construcción de maille lourde en polyéthylène vert et rouge plus 5 fermetures à pression et dé chirure du cou en closures soft nyline pour aider à prévenir le frottement3 de la fixation sur les feuillesLarge no ouit tes yeux et trous pour les oreillesDû au poids de cet article, les acheteurs américains ont plus d'une ouité d'expédition.

Click on delivery options and pricing. <font color="#ffff00">The Red Tape:US Shipping: Recently there has been some disorientation about the concept of "Expidited Shipping" used by eBay. For Priority Mail, a 2 to 3 days delivery or First Class if the article is less than 13 oz.

Economical shipping" means parcel post, a 3-14 dayservice. Unless otherwise specified, shipment will be charged. That means that the post office determines the rate on the basis of parcel dimensions, postage and delivery city. Shipment costs are the real costs + a $1 per parcel postage and processing charge (saddles are $5).

As the cost of delivery for an article varies widely according to where it is sent, we provide two to three delivery options for most articles, which are 3 pounds or more. For all options available, please click on "Shipping Details". Combining the shipment of articles bought within 5 working hours.

When you want a combination shipment, please don't start paying until all the articles you are offering are locked and we have had the option to ship an item with a combination cost. eBay will not be able to automate the cost. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ship on two seats, as two seats just do not belong in a saddle that complies with the rules for shipment area.

All articles payed until 22.00 EST will be sent the next working week. Worldwide shipping: Shipments of all our products are sent as soon as possible. When you are from a different countries, please do not hesitate to ask me for the delivery costs, as these differ from each other. There will be prizes in Canada.

It is our aim to present our articles exactly and sincerely. Forwarding expenses go debited to the purchaser. Before you place a bid, please review the dimensions and ask any queries you may have. Beautiful BMB-Ceiling. 70-inch Criss across waist belt, front legwraps and buckles.

It has a few spots and a few small cracks, but has no influence on the ceiling finish. Dimensions about 56" I LIST SOME HORSE BOARDS. different sizes of riders Also more horse articles - so look for my other AUKTIONS in the coming month! I' M HAPPY TO COMBINATE DISPATCH TO CONSERVE $$ FOR YOU!

None of my articles are for sale and cannot be returned. It is a BMB horse cloth in very good used state. It' a 84 " from the middle of the breast to the trailing edges. I am willing to ship in combination if you are interested in one of my other articles.

Articles must be payed within 3 working day after the end of the sale, unless otherwise agreed. It is a BMB ceiling in good used state. The outside of this ceiling is silk-coloured, with decorative strips in white. It is an excellent rug or lining under a cold soft snow cover.

There are some traces of use and use. I am willing to ship in combination if you are interested in one of my other articles. The payment must be made within 3 working hours after the end of the sale, unless otherwise agreed. Polystyrene cowshelf. It is a king blu with the cover in the top in black and a removable cap.

It' s hard and and ceiling is great 78-80 sized hooded is a... It is a trophies rug with embroidered on one side.

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