Woodward's trump book "indisputable." "The sound engine really revolves around Bob Woodward's book entitled EAR. "But the book is about something basic, something difficult for the pro-trump press to overcome. It'?s about Trump being ready for the work.

This book is full of grounds to question his condition.

At 5 p.m. the book was fixed at position 1, and it will not move for a few whole day..... Each of the three albums "basically tell the same tale, it's just that Woodward has by far the greatest believability among these three," Chris Hayes said on MSNBC. Trump is temporarily trying a "fake news" defence and claims (without a hint of evidence) that Woodward might have invented the tales in the book.....

"Out of 13 White House officers, present and past, with whom I have spoken today, seven said they talked to Bob Woodward for his book..." "Angry " and "paranoid" >> WaPo's Wednesday history says that Trump is "angry" and "particularly paranoid" at the moment. And if you haven't heard Woodward's 8/14 call with Trump yet, hear/read it here.

Obviously Trump thought he could turn "fear" into a positives, "precise" book on his own by speaking to Woodward. Out of the call, a trump quotation for the age groups: That'?s the text of the book. Bernstein also guaranteed Woodward's journalistic talents as only Bernstein could. "It'?s an undeniable image, because of Bob Woodward's methodology," he said to Brooke Baldwin early that morning.....

"Tens of Depths " Robert Costa and Philip Rucker released the first extracts from a WaPo series. Together, the two stories provided the foundation for an entire full tag of reporting, critique, denials, and more. Woodward had "dozens of sources", dozens of so-called depth throat.

"he' he has recorded several hundred hour long conversations, almost every conversation has been recorded.... "It' quite a shock to me how many reporters are willing to make strong inferences about the book on the basis of today's reporting without actually read it..." Woodson doesn't make a mistake. During our 40 years together at the Post, I only recall one fix to a Woodward tale - Watergate lovers know the tale, an unimportant mistake.

"It'?s a book full of speculations, rumours, rumours, hearings. This is the feeling of telling about Trump and to read these Trump book. "Panelist Morgan Ortagus on Fox's "Special Report:" "At the Applebee's in Winter Haven, Florida, where I waited in high school waiting and colleges, no one is speaking about the Bob Woodward book this evening.

As always, Bob Woodward's resources are anonym, so we may never know who's right. Ari Fleischer: "I was on the receiver page of a Bob Woodward book. that Woodward invented it. Woodward always played rectilinear. "Twenty-four years ago Woodward cited me in his Clinton book and said all sorts of secular and impolite things.

" Woodsward has already recorded his first TV interview about the book - with David Martin for "CBS Sunday Morning" - and at the moment Sunday seems far away. However, writers like Woodward and the book journalists at S&S have been through this before..... On Tuesday in the "CBS Evening News" Martin mention the interviewee.

"He is VERY optimistic after the interview with Woodward that his information, much of which comes from journals and notes..." Also with regard to Todd's point, it was to see Woodward's one-line testimony -- "I support my reporting" -- as a reaction to the denial and critique of his book.

In addition, the book shows that it is already being debated by some of the senior government official of his government. Books for books, history for history, message cycles for message cycles all return to the same awkward question: W.H. knew this book had been in progress for month. Nevertheless, it took four full hour for the pressing plant to publish a declaration describing the book as "nothing but fake stories".

" Perhaps the pressing plant was engaged in organizing this Oval Office interviews with two reporter from The Daily Caller. Trump argued in the interviewer that Woodward might have invented the story, which contradicts his own earlier commendation for the author's name. "It'?s just another poor book," Trump said. "The " Reading of Fear" is not the first book to contain condemning allegations about the Trump W.H. Learn more about the Reliable Sources Tuesday edition of the W.H. Trump W.H. Reliable Sources Network....

"That book is not so much a "fake message" as an old message," Ruddy said. "It'?s a talking book by Michael Wolff. "But Cuomo pointed out that the similarities between "fire and anger", "unchangeable" and "fear" actually support the points of all three accounts.....

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