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Twenty-one books you wanted to study.

Hurrah for the books we've wanted to reread all these years and which should probably begin at some point. Renowned as a legend, this is a synonym for hard work, so take on your shelf. You always have to study this Nobel Prize winner's novel. It' a ground-breaking novel that everyone should at least once be able to enjoy.

Well-known as one of the greatest works by Salman Rushdie, this is definitely on the TBR-ranking. It is no wonder that one of the best books of all times should be used. Unless this was already necessary in your own language course, it is timely that you have it. And we were quite sure that you had one of the best books ever, but if not, now is your opportunity.

When you' ve finished reading this bright little novel, reread it. One more adjustment you should see to visualise it in 2016. It' s a poignant novel, it' s nice, it' s touching and it' s hilarious: a must. You either have it or you act like you've it. Go ahead and reread it.

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