Books about Horses for young Readers

Horses books for young readers

Written for young people, this book deals with adult topics and never patronizes its young readers. Have a look at more ideas about horse books, chapter books and non-fiction. The story was groundbreaking for its time and still inspires readers today.

Pferdebücher für junge Erwachsene - Horse Book Horses Book Recommendation

Thirteen-year-old my grandson likes to ride horses, and I want to get him a copy for his forthcoming birth date. When I was his age I loved horses, but I liked romance fantasies, so the Mercedes Lackey Herald Mage set was just right for me. Neephew isn't interested in imagination, so I'm looking for some referrals for him.

  • I' m not sure if I can get him to reread a novel in which the protagonist is a young lady. but I don't want to give him a present either that he doesn't even want to browse. He rides horses as part of bereavement and has built good relations in the stable, but there is no competition side to his horsebacks.

If possible, I would like to prevent the dead of the stallion, or at least the head stallion does not at all. Nor does it involve parenting, if possible.

Satdle Up: 9 books about horses

Many words, from strong to ceremonial, were used to describe horses and how we experience them. Horses have been used for sports and work for millennia - but also as a companion for people. Often we get a sense of nostalgia when we think of these lovely animals that have kept us entertained in the shape of Breyer toys horses and the genuine animals that we met at our work.

Those nine books on horses will evoke the same emotions. Black Beauty to My Friends Flicka, these tales of battles, victory and loving between people and their regal fellows will make you want to go on your own hike. Her common affection for horses is what has held her together for years.

While Stevie is more tied to her automobile than her horses, Lisa struggles with a long-distance affair, and Carole is occupied with her work. Are their friendships going to be powerful enough to resist the strain? Bonny Bryant is a champion in creating character with a profound and compulsive affection for each other and their horses that reveals the victories and sorrows of real fellowship.

Launched in 1877, Black Beauty is narrated from the point of view of a nineteenth centuries England resident equine. It was a pioneering tale for its day and still inspires readers today. From his early, untroubled day to the hard hours of driving a taxi in London, we are following a young filly.

By experiencing horror and friendliness in a way that makes readers think about how they treat pets, Schwarz Beauty is able to help you to understand how pets are used. Every section unveils a straightforward and convincing phase in the history of Beauty and contains a lecture on how the abuse of horses can affect their lifes forever. Derby Day has been named for the Man Booker Prize and is played in England's countryside, where Derby Day is a much awaited happening.

Everybody is looking at Tiberius, the championship stallion who is likely to be the winner of the event, and several folks have hoped to earn a few dollars from this horse's great victory. Taylor declares the dispute over the stallion in the prerace era. Derby Day is a novel that will delight audiences of both contemporary and contemporary music.

Its secret is subtile and clever, and the issue of whether or not this stallion will run in the Derby at Epsom Downs is on everyone's lips. You want some more books? The Moon Shadow follows Callie - a young woman who lives in a wealthy part of Nevada and has always wanted her own must-have.

Someday, while she' rides her family' horses, she discovers a group of young horses... and above all she notices one thing. and she' s very much preggers. And Callie immediately fell in love with each other. She' s trying to cover the moon shadow, but others have a different agenda. Simultaneously she sees the horses, the Bureau of Land Management rounds them off with a helicopter above her head.

They plan to sell the horses to the highest bidsder. As Callie knows, imprisonment is a major stress factor for a sound young animal and could pose a threat to the moon's shadow and her child. Decided to keep this dam safe, Callie raced against the clock to prevent the horses from being crammed and resold.

He' s a little kid with a debilitating ailment. He is convinced by his mom and dad that the best way to get over his fears is to go ridin'. Kolt, who finds solace in the narrow spaces of his chair, finds the concept of seated on the back of a Horse extremely frightening. Thirteen year old Lily O'Neill is in deep affection with Arab horses and yearns to be a great stamina rider like her mum.

A year ago a crazy crash with the famous Astra took her mother's dam's life. What happened? Lily's dad used to sell her favourite and forbid her to ride again and again. She is excited - she will work near her mother's favourite stallion, which she thought had the knack of becoming a provincial champions.

At Astra, we tell the tale of the impermeable relationship between horses and girls. You want some more books? For two years they tried to round them up and educate them, but they always miscarried. On Pony Penning Day everyone is bewildered when the young Paul Phantom brings along her foal.

An all age classics, this loose volume is loose built on a real history. According to tradition, game horses were shipped from Spain to Panama when a hurricane suddenly stopped them from arriving and they ended up on Assateague Island. As 10-year-old Ken McLaughlin discovers Flicka on a pitch, he knows that she is the youngster he always wanted.

And he knows it won't be an easily tamed job - the natural beauty of a feral animal lies in its own child. Since Ken faces his greatest challenges to date, he will be compelled to decide between the risks of domesticating this animal and completely abandoning it. At My Friend Flicka we are talking about a young man and his horses who learn not only to rely on each other, but also on themselves.

Black Stallion is a survivor tale of a young man and a young feral animal. Ramsey Alec and the Black Stallion are the only ones who survived a terrible sinking. Now that Alec is his only escort beached on an isle, he is resolved to show them otherwise and educate this game. In the course of our studies a stronger connection between the couple forms.

It is the first in a much respected and exciting franchise that readers have been loving for generation after generation.

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