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The BOT offers bestsellers and award-winning audiobooks for adults and children for library and school marketplaces. Click the Bell icon next to the Sign Up button to be notified of new videos. Books on tape are perfect for seniors! Book on tape (BOT & Listening Library).

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A coworker tells what she listened to this past summer. Well, he doesn't really talk Farsi, but his little Laleh is. He' s into Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and Tee. Here's the riddle: as a novelist, I handle my words for their effect on foreigners, but I can't interpret my own texts the way these foreigners can.

Penguin Random House Audio App. Becca Soler has created a number of main figures for the series.....

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Entertaining and inspiring senior citizens with books on tape.

Books literacy is a great pastime for older people. Older people also benefit from this in other ways. However, to read does not always mean to pick up a physically written work. We' ve found a great way for older people with all the skills to read - books on tape (or CD or MP3)! We' ll show you how audiobooks work and where to find them, two of them free.

One good way is to use books on tape, also referred to as audiobooks. In addition to the books themselves, only a CD reader or a basic portable CD recorder is required to listen to the music. Books can be borrowed from books on tape or CD by your nearest community librarian, just like other types of material.

Speak to a bookseller to find out how to get books on tape from the bookshelf. Lots of librarians also take part in on-line publishing that makes it simple to listen to audio books in PDF form. Older adults who are visually handicapped may also be entitled to the National library's free brain and audiobook lending facility.

The LibriVox is a free of charge book publishing tool that provides royalty-free books (books with outdated copyrights ) in an audiovisual form. Purchasing audiobooks is the right way for the latest best sellers or books that you can't find in the LibriVox or in the libraries. There are two large audiobook sellers, Audible (an Amazon company) and

Books are loaded onto computer, smartphone and tablet and played back by the app. Both Audible and Audiobooks levy a free per months subscriptions after the free evaluation phase, which include one copy per year. Books costs more.

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