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Leselists begin as a shelf full of hope, until the year passes and you are flooded with dithering. Best books to read in the 1920s Everybody says that your twenties are a period when you can learn more about yourself, the outside and your place in it. Bearing this in mind, collect this book collection of the best books you can read in your 1920s, histories that deal with everything turbulent, commonplace and magic in those years, books that provide hands-on instruction for which you will be thankful to have it for years to come.

Full of humour, insights, sympathy and total sincerity, this novel is a balsam for everything that lives puts in our way. It can be hard: your beloved betrays you; you loose a member of your household; you can't afford the bill - and it can be great: you had the sexiest time of your whole live; you get this prune work; you gather the guts to compose your novel.

Obinze and Ifemelu are young and in a crush when they set out from military-ruled Nigeria to the West. Ifemelu, a wonderful, self-confident woman, travels to America where, despite her successful career, she is compelled to deal with what it means to be dark for the first and foremost. Still and pensive, Obinze had been hoping to join her, but since America was locked to him after September 11, he instead immersed himself in a perilous, unaccounted for existence in London.

Virginia Woolf adopts the established in this classical essays and uses her talent for speech to section the worlds around her and give a vote to those who have none. They tell tales of generation and continent, ranging from the tense rooms of a government building in Flushing, Queens, to the turbulent Shanghai roads of China during the Cultural Revolution of the sixties.

Told of the girls of immigrant Chineses who escaped home as artistes to assert themselves - dumpsters dipping for Essen and Atlantic City gambling busses making money - these seven tales show Zhang's sympathy, civil daring, and a perverted humor recalling Portnoy's complaint.

Rewarding the kind of creativeness that comes at the tender age of fifteen is not always enough to drive someone through his or her lifetime at the tender age of thirty; not everyone can maintain in adult years what seemed so particular in adult years. They are friends and they thrive, but they also underline the difference in their destinies, in what has become of their talent and what forms their lifes have taken.

The Interestings is broad, challenging, and inhabited by intricate individuals who meet and diverge in a shifting New York neighborhood. The Interestings examines the significance of talents, the natures of jealousy, the rolls of classes, arts, money, violence, and how all of this can change and flip over the course of friendships and lives.

Ijeoma Oluo's New York Times best seller investigates the complexity of today's race scene - from blank privileges and policing grosses to systematic discriminatory practices and the Black Live Matter move - and makes it clear that the reader must help bridge the race-gap. So You Want to Speak About Race, Editor at Large of The Establishment Ijeoma Oluo, provides a modern, approachable view of the race scene in America that directly addresses topics such as privileges, policing grossity, intersectionality, microaggression, the Black Live Matter move, and the "N" term.

Oluo is ideally placed to fill the gaps between colored and whites Americans who struggle with their racial complexity, answering the question that the reader doesn't dare ask, and explaining the ideas that still escape the daily grind of Americans. However, if they go beyond the limits of ordinary morals, their life will be deeply and forever altered and they will find out how difficult it can be to really be alive and how simple it is to actually do it.

The Power of Habit features award-winning economic journalist Charles Duhigg taking us to the exciting brink of academic discovery that explains why customs are there and how they can be altered. Duhigg shows that by using this new knowledge, we can change our companies, our societies and our live. Situated in a poverty-stricken but pulsating neighbourhood on the fringes of Naples since the fifties, Ferrante's four-volume narrative has spanned nearly sixty years, with her characters, the spirited and memorable Lila and the book-born storyteller Elena becoming females, husbands, mothers and guides while at the same time sustaining a rich and sometimes conflict-ridden relationship.

In the course of the life of these two wives, Ferrante recounts the history of a neighbourhood, a town and a land that changes in a way that also transforms the relationships between their heroes. My Brilliant Friend is an abundantly available, generously proportioned and masterly plottered page-turner that is also a classy work of literature that should inspire the reader for many future generations. It is a work of art that has been created with the aim of creating a unique and unique experience.

Dana, a contemporary dark female, celebrates her twenty-sixth anniversary with her new man as she is suddenly kidnapped from her California home and taken to the pre-war south. Over and over again Dana is called back to the slavery quarter by law, and every single case when the sojourn becomes longer, more strenuous and more hazardous, until it is unclear whether Dana's lifetime will end or not, long before it has a shot to start.

The New York Times' best-selling New York Times guidebook on how to get your house cleaned by Marie Kondo, a trained Japan professional cleaner, guides your reader step-by-step through her KonMari revolution to facilitate, organise and store your house. Marie Kondo, the Japan Home Care Advisor, brings a whole new dimension to home clean-up and promises that once you really get your home simple and organized, you never have to do it again.

Rankine's daring new novel tells of increasing racist aggression in everyday and mass communication in the 21st and 21st centuries. While some of these meetings are frivolous, apparent tongue-twisters, others are deliberate offenses in the class-room, in the grocery store, at home, on the Serena Williams courts and on the Zinedine Zidane football pitch, on-line, on television - anywhere and at any hour of the day or night.

You may want to know what Mindy thinks is a great best boyfriend (someone who fills out your recipe in the midnight ), or what makes a great bloke (one who is conscious of all the older folks in every room at all times and act accordingly), or what is the ultimate amount of glory (so famed that you can never be judged for homicide ), or how to keep a slim body (you won't find that information on these pages).

Mindy takes the reader on a journey through her biography and her non-scientific views on romanticism, boyfriendship and Hollywood, with several convenient stopovers where you can run errands and make telephone conversations. The prizewinning writer from Eleanor & Park, Fangirl und Festnetz has written a hilariously funny and deeply felt novel about loving at work.

Send themselves never-ending and never-ending funny e-mails and discuss every aspects of their life. Applying as an "Internet Safety Officer", he imagined himself constructing a firewall and smashing a hacker - and not putting down a story every times a sport journalist made a filthy wit. He can' help but be amused and fascinated by their tales.

When Lincoln finds out he's got a crush on Beth, it's way too late to imagine. The Argonauts is a genre-bending work of " auto-theoretical " that provides new, violent and contemporary thought about desires, identities, limitations as well as opportunities of emotion and speech. Featuring Nelson's narrative about her infatuation with the fluent gender-specific Dodge and her voyage into and through childbirth, this narrative provides a first-hand overview of the complexity and pleasures of (queer) making families.

It' an immediate classics and one of the great romances of our age. Seven tales in Nam Le's masterly compilation take us around the world, to the core of what it means to be one. Jennifer Egan unveils her past and the inner workings of a multitude of other personalities whose pathways cross with their own in a brilliant way.

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