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The most boots mainly covers the feet and ankles, while some also partially covers the lower calves..... A few boots reach to the legs, sometimes to the knees or even to the hips. The heels of most boots differ significantly from the soles, even if they are made in one single part.

Traditional made of calfskin or natural caoutchouc, boots are made of different fabrics. The boots are used both for their functional properties - they help keep the feet and legs protected from moisture, extremely low temperatures, sludge or danger (e.g. work shoes can help keep the wearer from chemical exposure or use a metal cap), and as an extra knuckle brace during hard activity with extra tractive demands (e.g. hiking), or they can have nails on the underside to prevent them from wearing out and provide a better hold, as well as for stylistic and clothing considerations.

It may be mandatory in some cases to use boots by law or regulation, such as the rules in some countries that require the use of protective toes. A number of uniform's contain boots as regular shoe work. We also recommend boots for motorcyclists. High top sports boots are generally not regarded as boots, even if they are covering the ankles, mainly because of the lack of a pronounced ankles.

20345:2004 conformal S3 footwear for building work. Boot intended for walk through flats, flat waters and muds can be made from a unique, tightly quilted pattern (leather, gum, sailcloth or similar material) to avoid the ingress of moisture, stains, muds or debris through cracks between the shoelaces and the tongues of other shoe sorts.

Extree-case scenario, the boots of the thighs, which are carried by fishermen, reach up to the hips. These boots can also be heat isolated. Except for rubber boots, boots that are generally available in shops can be regarded as "water-repellent", as they are usually not completely sealed in comparison to high-end boots for fishermen or walkers.

Special boots are designed to help steel worker's legs and legs when they inadvertently walk into melted steel pools, to help prevent a wide range of chemicals from affecting them, to prevent worker injury and to prevent foot injury from extremely low temperatures (e.g. with isolated or blow-up boots for use in Antarctica).

The majority of working boots are "shoelaces" made of genuine leathern. Usually boots are wore with a sock to avoid chafing and blistering, to help keep the feet in place, to help them stay in place or to protect them from the chill. Footsuits were wore instead before the use. Special shoes have been developed for many different kinds of sport, especially for horse back rides, ski, snowboarding, figure-skating and sports in water and humidity.

Bove boots, Doc Martens boots and military boots have been adopted by skins and punk as part of their traditional clothing and have moved to more straightforward fashions, girls included. 2 ] As a more robust option to clogs, boots can be used ( "boots" may be more formally than shoes).

Trendy boots for ladies can have all the styles known from other shoes: conical or pointed shoes, platforms, pointed toe, zippers and the like. Boots are very popular as stylish shoes. The singer Nancy Sinatra made the fashions of booted woman popular in the nineteen-sixties with her unique tune "These boots are made for walking".

The boots were particularly favored in the 1960' and 1970', but decreased towards the end of the twentieth Century. Bootsolos, bootbracelets, bootstraps, necklaces and harness are used to adorn boots. There are also sandals boots. For many, boots have become an item of sex appeal and have become a trend in the BDSM community (where boots made of hide, rubber and PVC are preferred) and in musical-video.

3 ][4] Knee or upper leg high boots are used by some stripper and pornographers. The boots have even become a sexually charged foetus for followers known as boots and feet-fetischists. Since boots have been used by horsemen for thousands of years, they were used by warriors. Consequently, boots, although not commonplace, were used as cargoes in heroics.

Due to the origins of the Heraldic as insignias used by ridden soldiers such as the mediaeval chivalry, boots are often depicted in the Heraldic as equestrian boots, even if the coat of escutcheon does not refer to them as such. Boot were also used in cobbler guild emblems and in store shields outside their stores.

Calf high boots with styletto heels. "High boots can have a strap, a strap or a grip on the top known as a boot strap, which allows you to use a finger or tools to achieve better lever action when putting on the boots. In the nineteenth and nineteenth centuries, the figural use of "pulling oneself up by the boots" in the form of "the capacity to accomplish a hard job without the help of others" evolved.

6 ] The word "bootstrapping" was then used metaphorically in a number of areas, particularly in computer science (which uses the word "bootup" for the computer startup procedure, and in business, which uses the word "bootstrapping" for start-up businesses that are founded without significant outside funding.

The use of "seven-league boots" refers to a classical children's story and points out that a human being or a business can travel great distance in a one-step process. Shaking/shaking in the boots" means being very anxious and is usually used being sarcastic. "Kicking boots" is a term for sexual language, regardless of whether one of the two people wears boots.

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