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Riding boots for every discipline: Versatility boots, tendon boots, ankle boots, brush boots, sports boots, soft boots, travel boots, stable boots & More. The Four Star Eventing Gear wears ice boots for horses, which are produced by many different companies. Developed for your equestrian.

Invoice $49 or more for selected horse shipments and get free UPS shipment.

Invoice $49 or more for selected horses and get free UPS shipment. This Davis Horses boat has a three-layer, non-slip bottom for a long life. Manufactured from a viscous mixture of polyvinyls, long enough for use on a shoed-toe. Every boots contains the Davis therapy base, which provides longer exposure times.

The Davis Horse Boat can be used on any type of hooves that need to be treated or protected. To soak, poult and condition the hooves. For the immediate use of drugs for the therapy of abscess, throttle, stab wound and other diseases of the feet or hooves. Used to keep the hooves neat and sober. The use of the boots also relieves the strain when there are indications of bruises, corn eyes or cancer.

Since the Davis horses boots are American Made, the Davis horses boots guarantee constant qualities in every boots. It has a flexible and flexible top which makes it easier to put on and take off. Sturdy, flexible rubber band keeps the boots in place. The Davis Genuine Horseboat is 4.0 by 5 x 2, works well & remains on I just bought this boots so that my mare can carry it during the days to keep his feet clear as it has an Abscess.

So I put a tubular stocking over her foot & legs and also added a smooth towel and attached it to a veterinarian pack to avoid the rigid vinyl wiping her hair/skin.

Weaver Athletic Boots - Bottes d'athlétisme Prodigy - Weaver en cuir équin

In addition, our research and engineering teams have made sure that Prodigy Athletic boots are engineered to provide the right seat and legwear. Made of the most delicate, dimensionally stable, shock-absorbing polyurethane rubber boots cover with Neopren, these boots help to avoid injury and prolong your competition career.

We' ve worked hard with many equestrians and industrial pros to create this line for the ultimative mix of comfort, safety and comfort. The three of them all played an important part in the efficiency and power of a shoe, and we didn't let it stand until all components were intact. The suspension straps of your saddle are important parts of the jigsaw supporting the ankle during the step that takes up the load.

The Dynamic Sling System and the safe seat provide your mare with the right assistance during demanding workouts and competitions. Snap-absorbent, ergonomically designed neoprened memo padding allows restraints and boots to move around and protects your saddle from accident. In order for these boots to fully exploit the horse's potential, the shape must be right.

That' s why we've improved the fitting of a broad variety of riders by using the feedbacks of pros who know what effect well-designed boots can have on your horse's performances. So what do you enjoy about Prodigy® Athletic Boots?

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