Boots that look like Hooves

Boot that looks like hooves

The Weird-Ass shoes That Look Like Horse's Hooves, Part Deux und andere Bekleidung, Accessoires und Trends. Looking and shopping. I declare it done today, and I want to tell you how I did it.

saying hello to the most ugly footwear in the whole wide underworld.

saying hello to the most ugly footwear in the whole wide underworld. Terrible boots with colored lacquer stiletto boots - decorated with fangs. Toes also inspires the toes of Cameleon, as well as a startling couple of fishing fuel coaches. There' even a couple of boots that will follow our dream. Who would you choose as the poorest couple?

We' ve also shown that the V-kini is the new swim wear trends that Kendall Jenner and Rita Ora love. We' ve been telling you all about the strange new fashions movement - an iPhone on your heel.


Where can I order boots? If you want to order V1 or V 2 (see pictures) and at least which hooves you like. Select your favourite theme! There are 2 versions of the hooves available (see pictures).

Where are the hooves made of? Hooves are made of cast rosin. What is the time before I get my boots? After about 4 week your boots are ready. That' s why it lasts so long, because the supply of our footwear suppliers always lasts several week.

Domestic dispatch (Germany) lasts approx. 2-3 working hours. The delivery time is 1-2 week (depending on place of residence). They can get either one. Boots are always boots worn wearing brown (if you want to wear brown boots, let me know, sometimes I can get brown boots). You can select for the long boots whether they should be glossy or matt.

Hooves are manufactured only for 37-40 EU | 6-9 US only. Are these boots hard to run in? It´s fairly easily walking inside them, even if it looks unpleasant. Hoof form allows the hoof to tip over (from your heels to your toes), making it easier to maintain your equilibrium.

Anti-slip soles made of elastic. So how long can you run in it? It takes me about 4-5 hrs with a few brief pauses. I' already got these boots at home! and I' ll fix the hooves for you.

This is a special feature I am only offering for clients in Germany. What does a pair of shoes do? Horseshoes are 249,- Euro (incl. VAT) + postage. What does the delivery charge?

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