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He is a calm, forgiving boy who takes good care of his rider. The Gypsy Vanner Horses for Sale Black Bay Billy Boy. Watching this horse glide across the pasture will arouse emotions that will bring tears to your eyes. Two-year-old Oldenburg gelding out of a boy-oh-boy mare. Because Clyde is a stunning boy.

Cypsy Vanner Horses for Sale | Stallion | Black Bay

Watching this animal slide across the meadow will arouse emotions that will make your eye water. He' setting the new Gypsy Vanners in North America heaven. Specifically cultivated by the renowned Gypsy Horses artist and British grower James Taylor. The gypsy pony was created by James and his wife and daughter and reached its climax with this sculpture of a billy boy.

Congratulation to Billy Boy, he is a great stallion. It is by Alfie out of our filly named Schwar Magic. One of our top broodmares is ours. She is by Chappie's Old Stallion, who is out of the Fletcher filly and Chappie's Stallion is by Gyke's Old Stallion, the broken stallion who was the fullbred of Alcock as well.

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Below is a list of horses for sale or rent at Gaston Farm Road Equestrian Center. For more information about these horses, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. For more information about leases, please read our rental contract and flyers on the form page. There are four Starzzz Fella for rent! He is looking for a friendly, calm and self-confident horseman.

Fellas likes to horseback riding and has very slippery aisles. The Paragon de La Katrina can now be rented! He' s been rode a lot and is a Paso Fino in showmanship! You can rent a jet. The pretty boy is prepared for a novice to the expert horseman to rent!

Love to be rode quickly or slowly. The Prince is now available for rent. He' s great under horseback for an advanced to advanced horseman. He' s good at all speed and likes to horse. We have Grits for rent! The Grits is available for hire from an expert driver.

The TyeDye is available and can be rented on site! He' a very level-headed youngster with a very special character. It is a 10 year old, quarterly color and has 15.3-handers. I' m looking for a medium to experienced horseman, because he loves a challenging job and needs someone who can deal with him very well.

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