Brabant Horse for Sale

The Brabant horse for sale

How and where to buy a Belgian Drafthorse. Are you interested in a Brabant draught horse? Brabant-Belgian Draught Horse, The Race. Belgian draught horses have been bred at Hof't Groenenbroek for a very long time. When we lived in the Netherlands, we were thrilled by the quiet, intelligent driving horses.

Purchase of a Brabant horse from Belgium

There are many draught horse for sale on the internet market places, general web sites, dealers,..... Particularly if you are unable to come to Belgium yourself to look for a horse. Hint: Before buying: Ask (or look on the stud's website) for images of the horse related to the horse (mother, nurses, offspring,...) and try to get a full picture of the horse.

On this website our members have the opportunity to upload their available horse for sale. Usually in the Drafthorse race of Belgium: Before exporting the horse needs an formal and full identity card and a chip. Once the horse is entered in the studbook, it will receive an offical pass from this organization.

When exporting abroad, it is always required to have formal documentation from the Belgium authorities. They must be ordered shortly before they are exported and are only available for a few working days. 2. It is possible that you may need additional documentation from your authorities before the horse can be transported (and imported) to your state.

It may be necessary for the horse to be quarantined before being exported, according to the countries of use. When you are far away from Belgium, the only way is by plane. Haulage by plane is costly..... a few tips: Fillies are cheaper: - The horse flies in special constructed airplane boxes, for a secure and convenient journey two adult or three colts usually fits into one stable.

  • Mostly, a foal does not have to be in isolation for as long as an old horse. It is relatively inexpensive to be able to use a combination of several transporters.

Sale - Belgium Draught Horse - Prabants

Groenenbroek has been breeding Belgium draft ponies for a very long period of it. Strong movement, a good appearance, a friendly but vibrant personality and a conscious blood line were and are the key words in our stud. At the moment we have between 5 and 10 driving ponies on the farms.

Further information about these stallions can be found under the heading "In our stable" above. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out which draught horse we currently offer for sale. The Flemish breeders of the Belgium draught horse are all listed in the stud book. There are no ponies for sale at the time.

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