Brave Horse Tavern

Courageous horse bar

CUOCO & BRAVE HORSE TAVERN. Brave Horse Tavern is refreshingly easy to use.

Courageous horse parlour - Seattle, WA

Mo-Sa 16-18 Happy Hour ($2-$6 Special Foods; $5 "Kill the Keg" design, $2 Tecate can, $2 Miller High Life flask, $5 Wells, $5 Wells, $5 Cava, $3 Crafts bottle/can, $8. Bht 50 Boilermaker), 16-18 o'clock (drinks specials); Mo-Do, So 21 o'clock-night ( $5 "Kill the Keg" design, $2 can Tecate, $2 flask Miller High Life, $5 Java, $5 Wells, $3 handicraft bottle/can, $8,50 Bht Boilermaker).

Experience Happy Hour at the Brave Horse Tavern in Seattle, WA 98109.

"An exuberant tavern is animated by the beautiful fanlights and large window frames that surround 3 sides of the room. Head chef Brian Walczyk will grind the meat for burger to measure and prepare delicious sides for our huge, freshly cooked pre-tzels. That'?s the place for the happily hour!" 4:00 p.m. - 19:00 p.m. Mon-Fri.

Dishes in season & trendy coctails in a place with modern wood-focused designs and a small terrace. Accompany us to our happily ever after. Old-fashioned tavern with comfortable rates in Germany, lots of beer imports on TV. Get in here for happily ever after.

Place: The South Lake Union - Seattle, WashingtonType: <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents

Built in 1915, the Terry Avenue Building houses three Tom Douglas dining establishments. Revitalised architectural design lends personality and functionality to the adjacent square and offices. In collaboration with Tom Douglas, who wanted to develop the characters of the sites, Graham Baba became an actor in the co-ordination of the overall work.

The two eleven-storey tower offices were built around the Terry Avenue Building, at the same building as the 1915 historical tile building, complete with interior leasehold work. Conscious ness of the needs of Amazon (the main tenant), Vulcan (the developer), GLY (the contractor) and many sub-contractors and advisors as well as our own customer was the keys to the successful outcome of the work.

Courageous horse bar, a funny and loud pub.

The South Lake Union is a quarter that hardly exists five years ago, and so we have observed how the essence has been constantly reviewed over the years. Now, thanks to Tom Douglas, we can take rougdy community adult nightclub off our list. Brave Horse Tavern is refreshably simple to use.

It has two shuffleboard desks, long community desks that need sleek waists to manoeuvre when the room is full (and it is almost always after about 4 pm), and a large pub that focuses on serving microbrews. The second memory: the brezels. Take the Brezel -Sampler: two smooth, viscous, crispy pre-tzels with three spreadings for $10.

It starts at $6 for locale food boiled to a wet medium with a slight glimmer of barbeque gravy, but you can spice it up with fried bulbs, lard and more for a dollar or two.

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