Bred Mares for Sale

Broodmares for sale

W Skipper Quarter Horses, Skipper W Breeders, the online source for horses from the Wiescamp Skipper W Way. You want to invest in high-quality breeding animals or sales opportunities? GROWING PROGRAMME Thanks for considering our marvellous studs to improve your stud programme. As this may be the first one you have bred with us, we will take a few moments to tell you about our cattery. Although we have the prerogative to care for and lead these beautiful studs, in our view they are truly internationally renowned and are really yours, the sire.

In order to help you with your stud with our beautiful sires, we offer promotion, incentive, discounts and benefits that are not possible with any other sires. AND MAKE'EM A PLEASURE TO MATE. The Xtra Quarter Horses Division and our Xtra Quarter Horses Division offer the most unbelievable selection of studs in the world.

No matter if you breed with the great Wimpys Little Step or with our beautiful junior sires, we have the right stud for you and at a cost you can affor! We have 37 sires this year. We' ll be continuing our SALE. In this year it is extended to 14 studs and offers a discount of 50% and MORE!

The Super Sale ends on December 10, 2018. The EARLY BOKING broodmare programme for the first 75 mares per colt ends on 31 January 2019. An early bird's fee for a colt will remain until we have 75 mares on this colt or until 31 January 2019, whichever comes first.

Don't be astonished if you see occasional sale of certain studs during the entire growing time. In the future, our very succesful young colt promotion will be assigned to every sale of a "Michelle's 29"-stallion-breed. Now, as our young colts hit the floor, the growers see for themselves what great hereditors they are, so don't miss it.

Young stud fee when buying a Michelle's 26 stallion: Each 2019 grower is entitled to a 5% off voucher from Scottsdale Western World for the new Silver Spurs saddle AND a 10% off a custom or stick show pad from our newest member of the Silver Spurs business line - "THE SHOW PAD", created by Michelle Miola only.

With Silver Spurs you can rely on the fact that unlike most other stud holders we are not dealers in horses. If a stud comes to Silver Spurs, he has come to his constant home! They can be sure that the stud will be there next year and that we are always there for you.

They are all 100% Michelle and me own (with 3 in partner, we own 75% on 2 of them and 50% on 1), they are on our farm and not just any stud farm and together with our Xtra Quarter Horse familiy we gather, process and send each seed crate to you.

We have the trust and trust of all our hundred breeders (over 2,000 in 2018) that we will never buy or sell a stud just to make a purchase. ONLY purchase a stud after conducting comprehensive research to ensure that the stud purchased is the best of his bloodline.

Because we never overbred our foals, we do everything to ensure that your foals have a value. We have often said that a Silver Spurs stallion has been bred for a good cause; we continuously support our studs and their progeny with comprehensive promotional activities, equestrian show sponsorship, and we increase their value through very profitable Futurity Incentive Awards.

Siver Spurs has studs that meet the wishes and budgets of every sire. free junior installions or for the payment of a small booking fee.

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