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Trousers - RJ Classics - Romfh Breeches - Sticky Seat Breeches - TuffRider Ladies Breeches. Jeansreithosen or Jeansreithosen are school breeches with fashionable flair. Breeches - Denim Breeches Breeches or breeches are available in many different designs, incl. full-fit, kneepatch, self-patch or boots. Manufactured from stretched jeans, these jeans breeches are both casual and stylish and can be used in school life.

Our range of products includes kneepatch, full seed, self-patch, breeches, polos and boot cut.

So that you also feel good while riding, all jeans breeches offered by us are made of elastic jeans. The breeches are so durable that they can also be worn in school life. Every kind of jeans is made for a certain kind of riding. Among the three kinds of jeans breeches we are offering are full seated, kneed and breeches.

Whilst these slightly differ, each type is available in the typical fly-front, pull-on and side-zip versions. Full-trim breeches are usually wore at tests for youngsters. This jodhpurs has an inlay that runs from the knees over the bottom down to the inside of each foot. The inlay is made of a grip fabric that has been specially developed to provide the driver with increased friction-resistance.

As this operation increases the rider's length of legs, those who decide to use full trimming should also be wearing high heels or half-caps. This jeans breeches has a badge on the inside of the knees. This jodhpurs are used with half-chap, high boot or dockboots. Stamina and hunting sit and show jumping are typical Kniebundhosen.

Jodhpurs are usually carried by kids, single persons, who only take casual riding or riding hours. The jodhpurs all end at the ankles. The cuffs are specially developed for use over paddocking shoes. This jodhpurs has an elasticized instep belt that lies under the rider's feet (in your kayak boot).

Cycling breeches are intended for smaller horsemen and for training in the United States, while in other nations these breeches are used in the show ring. Please note that the breeches have a form-fitting design and, unless otherwise stated, our dimensions are based on the rider's waistline (in inches).

In order to make sure that the jeans breeches are seated correctly, please check both your crotch length and your waistband. As soon as you have your dimensions, you can determine your sizes using our table of sizes. Most of the specialists suggest that a woman should buy breeches that are one number bigger than her girth.

Childrens breeches should however be the same length as their trousers/jeans. The majority of breeches can be gently rinsed in the washing process in the washing machines in cool washings; however, always follow the special care tips for your new breeches on the labels. We' re so optimistic that our rates are the cheapest on the Internet that we even provide a guaranteed one!

We also provide a wide range of upscale offers, which include discount articles, buy a free, free gift with purchasing and free special ships. If for any unsubstantiated reasons you are not happy with your order, we have a 100% customer service warranty. The widest range of the most beloved breeches at a price you can't match through our on-line auction, sale or our price comparison warranty!

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