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Books about horses and their riders for children and horse lovers of all ages. Here you can find the complete Breyer Stablemates book series in the given order. Painting book for horse lovers of all ages!

Stable companions from Breyer Books

There are seven Breyer stable mate books...! There are four hardcovers = Diamond, Belle, Starlight & Lucky. 3 are Pocketbook = penny, stormy & patch. Beautiful books. and 2 extra books of softcover: The Diamond and the Penny. Companions of Breyer Stable 2 books of Stormy & Starlight Hard Covers EUC! Two Breyer stable mate books in perfect state.

Story was by Elizabeth Mills. The Starlight was composed by Kristin Earhart. Ex-library notebook. Lots of seven books that read 3 levels. Stormy Scholastic Reader Stage 3, as new.

Penny Scholastic Reader Stage 3, Breyer stable mates, good to very good state. Here is a selection of 10 horse and fringe early birds reader.... Four Breyer stable mates books on hard covers and one Softcover one. The Breyer Stablemates series ~. It has inner and outer clothing and/or emphasis and underline. It is a USE OF a Books.

It' a 2006 children's album. With snowflake one of the collectibles of the Breyer Stablemates hardcover bookseries. The first print from Scholastic. A semicircular shape with which the horse is held up is held up by means of mouse or mouse, namelyISSING! I' d still buy that one.

Now, this work is in an unacceptable state. PAENNY. Name: Pension (Breyer stable mates). If we have found a list of books as "New", then this is exactly the one, NEW. hard cover release date condition: Patches (Breyer stable mates). Earhart, Kristin. Nice little novel about a little gal and her horse. IS THE APPALOOSA HORSE GONNA HELP MAKE HANNAH AND BECKY YOUR MATES?

A GREAT LITTLE BEECH FOR EVERY YOUNG HORSE LOVER! The Dash (Breyer stable mates). Date of hardcover release. ANNOUNCER: ISBN 10: 0439722357. by Gerver, Jane E. Breyer Stablemates Series. Hard-cover (printed cartons). Scholastic, USA (2006). The Snowflake is a Percheron horse, which was abandoned.... from Earhart, Kristin. Hard-cover (printed cartons). Scholastic, USA (2006).

Any number of books at any place in A............................................. from Earhart, Kristin. Hard-cover (printed cartons). Scholastic, USA (2006). The Breyer stable mates series. The Snowflake is a Percheron horse that has been left by its masters. Star light (Breyer stable mates). Earhart, Kristin. Ex-library notebook.

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