Breyer Horse Tack Shop

The Breyer Horse Tack Shop

Wonderful, high-quality, handmade model horse equipment. If you are looking for a gift or if you buy one yourself, Mary's has Breyer horses for sale that will delight every child or collector. Visit the Stablemates Tack Shop with your shopping list and make sure your horses have everything they need! I make inexpensive LSQ model horse equipment.

Horse transporter model Shop

The founder Andi Banwell hardly wanted more than to present her models in nice, high-quality equipment, but there were only few possibilities on the marked. Her decision was to solve the issue herself by making exactly the turning point she would be proud to put her models on. Perfecting her craftsmanship in making modelling horse equipment, she took the opportunity to sell her modelling horse equipment at a locally held horse show.

During the last nine years Andi has perfected this trade further. Today there is no better equipment for modelling horses.

Ben's Custom Tack - Genuine model horse neck

Oktober 2014...My modell won 2 class, 2. in another...see mehrOktober 2014...Hello. You will be surprised by the detail of the miniatures in these seats! the top of each page. In 1:6 scales there are 13 " ear pieces and in reality this horse can be the equivalent of a warmblood or Clydesdale.

Those models are about 14" at the ear. Please note: If you have any question as to which sizes match YOUR horse, I will be happy to help you find out. No matter if you equip your showring horse or your home rack, this tailor-made case will add the final touches to your collector's horse.

The Marx horse pads, Johnny West horse pads and the Breyer horse pads give your show horse the final polish in any area. The Indian modelling horse equipment also completes the old West scenery you create. In addition, many of our Saddles (Western and Military) are conceived to be as authentically as possible to a particular epoch in our past, such as the "Wild West" or the "Civil War".

Our speciality is 1:6 size acoustic riding pads with 11 different style options. Buy your own seat covers and equipment or cut your budget and search the entire site for our "packages".

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