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We' ve got a nice selection at Jack's Country Store. Grand Opening store and we are now Breyer dealers! Hello everyone, it's been a bustling year here - In additon to the sale of great classic cars to collector all over the globe (including UK, Germany, Russia, Finland and Australia!) we've been working behind the scene silently to open our first real store! Situated at State Rt.

113 in the Maine Mountain West, you can now buy new styles and horse presents or collect your vintage style orders directly from our store.

At the moment we have almost the whole line of ColctA horses in our warehouse, as well as Hagen Renaker clinics, The Mountains horses t-shirts, horses jewellery and many other great things! Both our business and our home are operated with solarenergy. Our shop has been designed to disrupt as little of the hill as possible, and instead of using our own construction funds from the bottom up, we have relocated and rebuilt an old structure.

There is a story about the house itself in this area - it is even popular there! As we went up the hill, we ourselves spent four month in the warehouse while constructing our house. Thank you Breyer / Reeves for the motivation to preserve this emblem. Your demand that we have to have a real store to buy new Breyer articles gave us the ideas to salvage the house and turn it into our first store.

Six month of work, most of which was done by Roy, myself, my parent and my friend, to move the house to its new site and rebuild it all. Before we misplaced it, the place. It was so good when we were able to move the house that I stopped to rejoice before we started the crawler.

She' ll come around the hill when she comes! This was a hair-raising journey down the hill, which took almost three and a half hour to cover half a kilometer. So when we realised we had to slice them, we chose to mill their timber into racks for use in the buildings they were guarding for so long.

Now Breyer will be sitting on racks from the guard trees. Featuring new sidings, new window s/doors and new colour, the edifice looks hot again! We' re based at 14 Nature's Way in Hiram, Maine. Don't miss to come and see us now for new Breyer and classic cars!

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