Bridle", as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, includes both the headpiece that holds a piece in the mouth of a horse and the reins that are attached to the bit. English leather snaffle bridle with braided headband and nose. language="mw-headline" id="English">Englishspan class="mw-editsection">[a href="/w/index.php?title=bridle&

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Bridle from mid-English, Bridle from old-English wwww. org, Briddilaz from proto-germanic *brigdilaz ("belts, reins"), corresponds to Zopf + -le. The length of a line or cord fixed to two parts of something to distribute the power of a tension, such as the tackle on a kiteline for fixing the line. He curbed her lips with a silk plant.

The Burke Savoy and Nice, the keys to Italy, and the fortress in their arms to rein in Switzerland, are in this fortification.


Crockery, comprising a headpiece, set of teeth and a rein, which is placed around the horses heads and is used to hold back or lead the beast. An elbow or check: Put a bridle on the issues. Maritime A spanning of warp, string or cable that can be attached to an item at both ends and suspended from its centre.

Putting on a bridle. Raise your skull and pull your chin into your fury or grudge. If you want to be annoyed or upset, take offence: rein in your criticisms. bri?dler n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyrighted © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Verlag. Edited by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Verlag.

Part of the turn or crockery of a horsehorse, comprising headpiece, dentures and rein. 2nd caution; curbside. a cable or string attached at both ends to an article and itself supported or raised by a cable or string attached in its centre. v.t. 5.

Checking or holding back; holding back; taming; v.i. 7. pulling up the forehead and retracting the jaw, as in contempt or resentments. Legend: bit", 2.bridle - the act of restricting force or acting or limiting transgression; "his good judgment is a bridle to his fast temperament" Trade" Verb1.bridle - rage or take offence; "She reined on his encouragement to elope" 2.bridle - put on a bridle; "bridle" Horse", "would take the invitation" On WordNet 3 basis

Become furious, pull yourself up, get bristly, cook, see reddish, be furious, rebel, be outraged, be furious, be upset, become a rogue (Australian & N.Z. slang), lift the heels, pull up the skin scales (slang), pull up your back. 2nd Kerb, Controls, Masters, rule, moderating, restraining, reining, subjugating, suppressing, restricting, holding in position, controlling, putting on a narrow reins, on a cord, which I must teach myself to hold my tongues. controlling, restricting, arresting:

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