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Production of a riding horse. A fine handicraft for the traditional rider. About us - The Bridle Horse Shop I want to promote this riding art as well as possible with my store, using the best equestrian gear that works. The Bridle Horse Store mindset does not include rapidity and volume manufacturing. I' m using a 100 year old sewing mashine, and every device that comes out of the store is made with the same dedication, the same dignity and the same proudness that you put into making a packhorse.

For all my designs I use only the best British bridle and Hermann Oak base and belt #1 only. At the beginning there were many large saddlery stores that produced everything from callipers and harnesses to pistol-halters and heads. Each article, which comes from these large stores, was manufactured according to high standard of workmanship for the working cows in their area.

There' s only a few big stores now. Nowadays most of the top saddlers are more specialised and run a small store that only builds saddle. Many of these nut types are of excellent workmanship, but I know from my own experiences that it is hard to find belts of the same workmanship.

That' s where the Bridle Horse Shop comes in. Though I have done it in the past, I don't make calipers. I concentrate on high-quality, well-made straps, so that a cowboys and his horses are equipped with the best outfits. AN OBLIGATION TO THIS TYPE OF QUALITY."

I' m primarily a made-to-measure store, but I always try to have some equipment for you. Anything we have at your fingertips is either catalogued and can be bought on the stock page on this page, or it will hang in the store for you to see.

To place an individual order, please call us, send us an e-mail or drop by. I' m always looking forward to working with you to give you a horse that fits your riding horse and has the look you want. Can make your jewellery as easy or as expensive as you want.

If it comes to silvery decorations, the client actually has choices. I can use Hansen's sheet metal clasps and ornaments for the price-conscious birdaroo. Note that I can upgrades EVERYTHING to stereo or customized stereo gold.

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