You on the market for a new bridle? Bridles are devices used to guide a horse. For more information about our high-quality English bridles, visit Schneiders. There is a hunter's bridle, a dressage bridle and a saddle bridle.

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The bridles are made of high grade cowhide and can contain features such as a classical choppamore for bite free use. Bridles in classical design and excellent workmanship are available in British bridles. A choice of headbands, nose straps and bridles allows the demanding horseman to create the perfect harness for the horses needs.

Select between classical lace-up bridles or simple, smooth bridles for use with different bit types. Conventional hackamors can be the ideal bridles for horses with specific needs for bite less use.

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The bridles for riding, hunting, show jumping, training and events are available in a range of colours from bright to shiny top grain skai. Dressurzaum with extensive, smooth cushioning and smart bridles with ergonomic crown parts for optimum wearing comforts. It is a perfect choice for a classical halter or twin fence with smooth, sleek bridles and a jet blackened finishe.

Stylish seams and subtle, filigree details make show bridles for huntsmen or riders something special. Softly lace-up bridles and slim nose straps, headbands and cheeks give these bridles an ingenious and sophistication. Versatility and jump bridles provide a choice of choices such as flashing or Fig. 8 noseband and rein in woven or elastic mock.

Rigid bridles with broad nose strap and headband are perfect for the hunting and week-end riders and complete the look of the forester. Bridles are also available for special kinds of sport and contain many accessoires for everyone. Bridles without teeth are a smart choice for the equine that works well without bridles.

Artificial bridles are a good choice for exercise without the expense and maintenance of a conventional leathermat.

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The bridles in our british bridles are made of fine leathers. A love of detail, convenience, longevity and an outstanding price-performance ratio are always noticeable in all fields. The bridles are handmade from high grade leathers by experienced craftsmen. Fine-tuned and meticulously crafted, these ultra-stable, comfy bridles are an astonishing value, and we have sleek British bridles for all of them.

Our hunting and jumping reins are made by Joseph Sterling®, Pinnacle, Premier, Schockemohle, Pessoa® and Micklem. Manufactured from the finest handcrafted Sedgewick of England leathers, Joseph Sterling bridles have characteristics such as cushioned tops, embossed stitches on cavesson and headband, hand-cut edging and high-grade hi-techware.

These bridles have cushioned necklines, cushioned and sewn headband and cave son, durable fabric and sewn drawstrings. The first bridles are an outstanding value for beginner bridles for trainings or shows. Once again Joseph Sterling is setting standards in our rooms for young trainers, with the best bridles for the fine construction of youngsters.

Featured with a more delicate cave sound and headband, a cushioned print prevention cap, high-grade surgical grade iron hard ware and a Fold-Away® lightning bow. Some models can be changed quickly from a fence fringe to a twin one. Shock sole Le Mans training harness is an stylish, handmade German design training harness with cushioned wreath and pulled-up crankshaft kaveson with broad roll closure, kerbstone blade and lightning fastener to prevent crushing.

Cushioned headband with jewelry inserts and beautiful shape for a slick, subtle look. Micklem' s competitive fence is another shapely training fence with cushioned nose strap, headband and cheek pieces as well as high-grade sheet metal fittings and elastic bridles. Semitrailer and bridles are made with extraordinary handicrafts.

Fitting bridles are available in a variety of styles to match the bridles. Joseph Sterling bridles feature superb style, high-grade nylon straps, hooks and rivets. This bridles are suitable for most Arabs, half-Arabians, Morgans and saddle races. Your comfortable style has a cushioned top to remove ear and headaches.

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