Bright Horse Rugs

Light horse blankets

We have new horse blankets in stock. Great savings on large brand horse blankets! A new range of winter carpets has arrived. Comfitec Classic Weatherbeeta Standard Neck Lite Light Green / Blue.


The Derby House exercise horse. It has 2 front folds and fillets and cross-belts. High-grade porcelain fleece. 2x 6'9 light carpets with cruciform singles and clasps on the front. Carpet of the highest standard. Intermediate 6'9" crossover cover all fastenings are in good condition, there are no thighs, I take 1 off and use the other one as tenderloin, because I don't like thighs.

Just sellin', since I've recently gone from 3 to 1 and I never use it.

Stable Lucanta 200

Lucanta 200g is made of 600D rip-stop fabric and helps to keep your horse at the right temperatures..... It is an excellent blanket for delicate animals that are susceptible to wounds and grating on the atony. That'?s a sturdy carpet.

Blanket faqs

These are points you should be aware of when adjusting the carpet of your horses: What can I do to tell if my horse blanket is too big or too small? The carpet is probably too big if the crossover or blanket is hanging on the top of the taill. When your horse is between sizes, you are usually better to go down one size as a horse blanket that is too large is actually more likely to cause frictions than one that is too small as it is likely to move/slide back around your horse.

What should the adjustment of Legstraps and Seatbelts be? The thighs and belts should be set in such a way that a width between the legs/bellies and the belt is possible. Which are the watertight and breathing properties of soft carpets? We all know that the UK is at best quite incalculable!

It rains hard one moment, the sun the next! In the development of Swiss Turnout Horse Rugs we have only used high-quality 100% watertight and 100% breathing active fabrics. How can I best take good charge of my horses' carpets? Like any garment, a horse blanket should be left to hang in a well-ventilated, clean, airy place to hang out when it is still moist or soaked.

It is insignificant and due to the position of the seams (especially on smooth carpets) the carpet's output is not affected and is in no way a mistake. Carpets must be completely dried and ventilated before storage to prevent mold or seam decay.

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