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More than 20 pockets

When you have many ponies to buy, you can get our additional pro rider discount! Fiber bed is a conditioned food with a careful blend of Speedi bed, lucerne and oats, complemented with bio tin, natrium andcium. Fiber bed is conceived for feeding your horse with water, which is the most naturally way of feeding.

Fibre beet can be supplied in greater amounts than Speedi beet and is therefore an excellent conditioner and perfect for those who want or want to monitor the supply of starches. As a matter of fact, if your horse is in easy work, fibre bed, and a balancing, plus a good food are all he needs for a nutritious meal.

You know, sacks of horse fodder are heavier. It is not the least expensive, but we do our best to keep our shipping cost as low as possible. The shipping cost is staggered, each of the following rates per pouch.

BUT, the more pouches you buy, the lower the shipping fee per pouch. If you buy 20 or more pouches, it is FREE! You will be pleased that our Smart Balance will ALWAYS be supplied to you free of cost, whether you have 1 sachet or 20packs.

Purchasing a mix of Smart Balance and other feeds reduces your shipping cost. So if you want to buy Smart Balance and a wide range of other feeds from our on-line feeder shop, your Smart Balance pouches add to your overall pouch feeding belt...... so if you buy 1 pouch of Smart Balance and 9 pouches from all other feeds, you only charge 2.49 per pouch feeding, for each of the 9 pouches of food you select.

Or, if you buy 5 sachets of Smart Balance and 15 sachets of any other food, your shipment is FREE! When you need more than 25 cases, please contact us as you can qualified for our pro rider-rebate!

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