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broke Wallache for sale

It is very difficult to find a good broken gelding, that is the right age and as stylish as he is. A well-bred, colourful BROKE gelding. He is a heavily muscled, very talented deerskin gelding that definitely turns a lot of heads. Awesome broke, Sound & Sane.

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"Dinero " completed a workout of cleaning, was shown as a rank handler, was shown in rank holster and rank trailer, recorded many mile on the tracks and began with the abseiling of the silly. Maintains its NRHA Competition License and is NRBC registered. great, wonderful horse is broken very well and straight like glas to horse.

He' s a better rider than most people with a harness. He' s calm, quick to react, pardonable and if you can ascend, you can do him. He' ll do all the cleansing manoeuvres, make all the obstructions and carry a banner. Don't miss this horse once in your life.

The Broke gelding by Carol Black

The CB Mick - 2001, 15hhh, very sporty, very approachable, silent, fast, accurate, well run, on drums, stakes, factory cattle, has done team-sorting and team-penning, welcome people. Born in 2001, CB Mike, 14.3hhh, stallion with a very good balance, team-penning and a lot of trail-riding, head rein, good for every horseman.

1997 CB Skip O Mico gelding, !5 hh. Only suitable for easy equestrian sports, the horse is the right thing for its owner, with an outstanding spirit of good dexterity. 2004 Rootbeer Buddy, 2004 Wallach, 15hhh, was rode on the farm and in the hills, began on casks, began with abseiling, very accessible, Nackenz├╝gel, CB Poco Jim - 200415.2hhh, large, strongly, broken out, very quiet and kind, very willing, good for every horseman, much Ranchreiten, does basis-Dressur.

C-BB Hick Doc Sam -2006- 15h, many ranching and trailer rides, quiet and relaxed, very willing, starting to sort teams, starting on drums, good for every horseman. 15hhh, very quiet and kind, a lot of ranching, training, very slick. 15.2 hh,very quiet and kind, very willing and swift, begun abseiling, 14.3hh, sporty, much ranching, very sensible and quickly, begun assortment of teams, drums and sticks.

3 pm, Very tranquil, well educated, much ranching and hiking, good for beginner and schoolchildren. Only easy driving, peaceful, pleasant, very sensible, ideal for easy driving, not for abseiling or uphills? Ethnic, speedy, willing, many circuits, some rides on trails, starting on drums,basics. A very sporty, beautiful, very empathetic, quickly learning, a lot of ranching, starting with grading teams, casks and sticks.

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