Broodmares for Lease

Breeding mares for rent

It is our pleasure to offer you some of our broodmares for individual foal and leasing options. Homepage ' Horses ' Mares For Lease. You have heard about our innovative BROODMARE LEASE PROGRAM? For some years we decide not to breed all our mares ourselves and offer some broodmares for rent. If you are interested in leasing one of our active broodmares, please send us an e-mail.

Breeding Mare Lease & Custom Foal Options

It is our pleasure to be able to provide you with some of our broodmares for individual foals and leasing possibilities. We keep the broodmares and foals on our lovely Southern Dane County Wisconsin ranch. We will raise your filly in a nurturing setting and treat it every day. Reserve the colt and cover all charges associated with breeding money, reservation and veterinarian expenses for the preservation and maintenance of the mother.

The annual contribution pays the rent for the mares, the nursing charges during your child's gestation by means of withdrawal (after 4 months). Including food, blacksmith, deworming, veterinarian charges not related to maternity. The tenant is responsible for all application and club charges. You can find more information about each filly on our sale pages.

Rent a mare

Here is a filly, who is a half-sister to the super-racing horse and race-winning SKELETON CREW and has an unbelievable second mother in HOIL TO BOOLDNESS (by BOLD REASON). She has a OVERANALYZE junior stallion and a COMMISSIONER filly, as well as a filly by the highly prospective young stallion LIAISON (last mating date 29.4.17).

Did you hear about our cutting-edge Broodmares lease programme? Rather than spend ten thousand or even several hundred thousand bucks to buy a brood mare for sale, our specific leases provide a low up front cost for a high class brood mare, plus a warranty that she will have a filly, low boarding rate, good grooming and a sure result: the filly is yours!

Our broodmares are made by some of the best stallions in the world. If you do not have a filly, you can terminate your rental agreement or change to another available broodmares. The use of the filly is FREE - yes, we said FREE.

We do not charge any hiding rental charges for the use of our broodmares! Just prepay the breeding money for the colt of your choise (or use the additional colt season), then prepay the horse's boarding pass and veterinarian and blacksmith invoices for the filly. Hiring broodmares must go on the boat for the period of gestation, the foal and until withdrawal, if the happy owners can take their foal in possesion and have the possibility to go on the boat with us for the same low price or to bring it for sale and to the cashier!

It is an ideal chance for someone to get into the whole blood horse market without the long-term dedication, cost and risks of having a filly. If you can rent a filly for free, why buy it? Eastside Charley is exactly the kind of young filly that can become the cornerstones of your progamm.

The several times racing champion comes from the excellent stallion MR. She is half sibling to six (yes 6) champions and it is a site that gets better and better with the years. It is now back in bearer on a WICKED STRONG front page, due end of March 2018. She is such an eye-catcher, this stylish young filly by PULPIT sets herself apart from the masses in the herd.

She is not just a beautiful face: she is a betting champion who is a half-sister to two more bettwinners. Your mother Miss Kate (from STORM CAT) is a half-sister to the mother of Sexy Woman. She is enough colored to give you a pain.

That unbelievable young filly has gone through all the squares to be your next real money crow. MEDAGLIA D'ORO's two-year-old daughter produces some clever works in Saratoga and Belmont; she has had a UNION RAGS one year old sold for 300,000 dollars, and she has a weaning horse by Hart Pun and is a filly by THE FACTOR again.

Beautiful, powerful filly by the young stallion PHOT stallion NEBLE MISSION (GB) (last mating date 1.4.17), fullbred by FRANKEL and her offspring had an average of $67.000+. As a youngster she was a champion in class 2 and a sound champion filly at the tender age of 5. Their full sibling has so far bred two grade stakes ponies!

She has already won several times and has a two year old by ARTIE SCHILLER. Graduated Champion of LEMON DROP KID out of several graduated insertions Champion METER MAID, in carrier of young stallion LEMON DROP JUNKI. At $390,000, this is a large, sturdy filly that will be selling as a young horse, and you can see why - she is all grade.

She is also the manufacturer of several winner, and her two year old foal by her dam line Churchill and she still has a SHANGHAI BBBY colt for sale. Unbelievable mares with many possibilities to give you your next big foal.

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