Brown Leather Bridle

Bridle made of brown leather

Golden, Black and Royal Large Two-coloured Sparkling Brown U-shaped Crystal Brewing Ribbon. Shoulder bag made of pressed pink leather. Sewn leather bridle with Gatsby fancy. everquest item information for Brown Leather Bridle. Friction bridles and bridle parts, including cheek pieces, crown pieces, caves and more, are available in black and many brown leather tones.

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This headband has large Swarovski crystal in clear and white. This croco has a round, elevated middle and a smooth cushioned jaw. Also the crown part is beautifully cushioned. Second-hand Kieffer bridle with reins. The used bridle is in good shape and has metal fittings with hooks and eyelets at the ends.

This bridle comes with two set of bridles. Monocrone cushioned dressage bridle with crank. The bridle is characterised by stylish, exalted styling detail, complemented by a cushioned chin strap and an integral, cushioned and monocrystalline bridle for excellent wearing convenience. It is made of high-quality, hand-ground leather. Crown, headband and nose strap are cushioned soft for the comforts of the horses.

Removal of the D-ring from the nose strap for a clean, ringlike appearance. This Cobb is sized dark on leather cushioned bridle with nose strap. Leather bridle reins, smooth, simple reins. Beautiful leather with stainless steel fittings. An exclusive design with many good characteristics. Browband with silver chain.

Nose strap with smooth lining, broad at the front and narrow at the back to give the horses more freedom. It' elevated and cushioned and the height is large. Nosebands are not cushioned, but the headband and headband. The color is brown. These bridles are lacking the cheeks, see images.

This 4 cm long nose strap made of patented-leather with lightning strike is provided with silvery braid and dark cushion. Otto Schumacher Comfort XS Snaffle. Swarovski 6 mm iridescent gray Swarovski crystal headband underlines the breathtaking look of the bridle. Fittings in high-grade high-grade high-grade high-grade iron as well as h uok bolt locks at the cheeks parts and at the reigns contribute to the tidy, classical look.

You will never look more professional and appealing than in our nice show rooms. Unicoloured embossed, slim show bridle. Contains no flash noseband shown, has a normal Caveson noseband. Contains 5/8" laced reins. Aramas Fancy Stitched Padded Stitched Padded Bridle with 54" reins and Comfort Crown - Chestnut - Cob Size.

The oiled chestnut becomes a full Havana brown. Manufactured from the best, full-grained, British vegetable-tanned bridle leather, the best piece of equipment, which is usually manufactured in-house, and the most delicate detail such as hand-tanned borders and extra-fine, pure seams. Made in Switzerland, these fences are probably the best quality/price performance on the Swiss bridlearket.

Manufactured from the best leather in hooks button stile with hand-ground rim. 2-Cob, maroon. Wonderful bridle by Pink Equine (UK), leather strap with Swarovski crystals & colored cushion. Swarovski Pink Equine Bridles -Features At a Glance Color= White leather with Ernite (light green) Swarovski headband & Forest Greene padded brow/nose.

Snaffle head - Hot Pink with PVC bridle head and hot pink border.

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