Brown Micklem Bridle

Micklem bridle brown

Micklem Competition Bridle* was developed for use in competition as a Bitted Bridle. The Rambo Micklem bridles have a unique ergonomic design for the comfort of your horse. Micklem Multibridle Rambo Horseware, brown, standard horse.

Sexy Micklem competition bridle

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MicklemĀ® competition bridle

Horseware Ireland's Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle is engineered to adapt the horse's head and avoid unpleasant stress on delicate areas. Nasal band is engineered so that it does not disturb the horse's breath and the cheeks are directly under the cheekbones for a more comfort.

Show-grade bridle made of handmade cowhide leathers with padded headgear, headband, nose strap and cheeks to give your horses even more cushion. Admitted to the RDI-Contest. Nose Strap Width3/4" brow strap Width3/4" featuresMicklem bridle has been developed to prevent bruises that lie snugly against the horse's neck.

All bridle with smooth cushioning.

Ride-Away bridles and reins by Ricklem

The Rambo Micklem is the first bridle that has been conceived from the inside out and whose construction depends on the form of the horse's cranium and not on the external aspect of the human being. Sexy fringes are made to prevent bruises and delicate areas to make sure your mare is as comfy as possible, and you can happily horseback riding with that in thought.

The Micklem Multi Bridle for riding and lungeing and the Micklem Competitions Bridle, a competitive bridle with the same exceptional form and fit as the Multibridle, will make sure you find the right choice for your equine.

Select Rambo Micklem fences and get a high class, durable and comfy bridle that your mare earns.

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