Brown Velvet Riding hat

Velvet Brown Riding Hat

Age-old Fernandez Roche Velvet Green Calaña riding cap from Seville. Brown Vintage Riding Hat Horse Dressage Velvet Helmet JDL. purple...


Dear really beautiful and old-fashioned riding attire! I have a brown shagger, I have a brown sweater and long shoes when they "fit" the horses. I have a gray double top and dark boot for this set.....

XXXXXXXXXX Charles Owen Fian Velvet riding hat

Charles Owen Fian Velvet riding hat is the next stage in security and style for a shooting and riding hat. Upholstered in luxury velvet, the Fian Velvet Equine features a sleek brown shell that completes the sleek look while maintaining the helmet's classic style.

Handcrafted leather straps in black and white, the classic leather strap provides more comfort in the headgear and the lacing on the back ensures a safe seat that holds the wearer's skull. Size of helmet*:

velvet brown riding hat - Locally Sourced Cars

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Headgear, Helmets & Hat - Velvet riding hats

Effect Vedco 87 Protect your new or modify the look of your old one! Thanks for the search! The Capriole Classic Appearance for Daily Training The Capriole Hemet from Troxel has been reworked with a new flat tread! This is the ideal daily wear for beginners. A fully vented, light and universally applicable with a velvety flocking surface.

AVAILABLE SIZES INCHES HAS SIZE small up to 22 to 7 media 22-22 3/4 7 - 7 1/4 large 22 3/4 + 7 1/4 + normally 0 incorrect.... moral efalse Fal Microsoft InternetExplorer4 We are a full-line provider for large and small cats.

We are offering a 40% off any excess items delivered to the same place. Please be aware that you must allow a certain amount of spare working hours for all your items. Please note: Customs duty, tax and duty are not part of the article prices or delivery costs.

Yes, we are ALWAYS willing to ship in combination. The delivery costs are 100% of the first or biggest article, and then rebates are granted on the second or third article. You are kindly requested to notify us of any deficiencies, damage or discrepancies in materials within 14 working hours of receipt of the goods.

Descriptive This is for a small headgear and I think it is in good working order, but some dark things fall out of the heel. PLEASE REFERENCE please reference me before bidding if you are winning several of my bids. Once you have won all FREE SHIPMENT items, the whole order will be shipped FREE.

When combining a FREE Shippping operation with a NON-FREE... morSHIPPING operation, you will only be billed the combination weights of the NON-FREE Shippings operations, regardless of their weights. In the case of combination shipment on two or more NON-FREE Shippings trades, the cost of shipment is calculated by weights ONLY.

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When an article hits $100 or the order amount including $100 shipment, the Express Mail delivery option is NOT EXCEPT. PAYMENTS & CASH If you have more than one article to offer, please hold on to my bill. Await my single/combined delivery bill & do not settle the ebay bill that has been automated.

When internationally waiting for a delivery bill with First Class or Priority delivery costs. All GA buyers are subject to 8% VAT if they ship within the national boundaries, this also applies to S/H. equestrian las equestrian horsetail hat 54 6/5.8.

Charles Owens JR8 English riding hat with soft insert, 6 7/8 (56). Element Description: This article is in good shape and has been in stock for some while. Three-dimensional riding hat Size: 6 7/8 Color: Black Condition: The box has clothes for storing. See all pictures for more detail and to assess the state.

Payments due within 7 working day after the end of the auction (exceptions are possible if I am approached by the buyer) Return shipments will be acceptable if the article has been mismatched. Forwarding within Germany: Free national delivery on many of my auction sites. This eliminates mix-ups with the dispatch rates and the combination of dispatch.

Bidders (Outside the United States) default delivery charges - $35. Hi, I have for sale a riding mask great 7 (57) Naval Velvet Paint, Gatehouse Airflow. For more information about the state, please have a look at the pictures. It is in marine-coloured. Black Velvet GPA Helm. Sizes 6 7/8. I' ve never had an crash with that hat.

A great, secure hat for someone this big to help keep your budget low on a new one. Nice hat! I' ll be including free delivery to the USA. I never tumbled and smashed the hard hat. Zippered velvet. There'?s no nameplate. Twenty-five, so that's a seven. During the sale an original riding hat of the International Riding Helms trademark will be auctioned off.

Small height. You can reduce the dimensions of the headgear by changing the tensioning belt. DELIVERY CONDITIONS: Can' t send the article until I have got the money. I will not cancel the sentence if an auctions has a sentence of articles by sending only the desired article.

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Used riding hat made of artificial velvet. Middle sizes On the velvet and the back of the Helme there are scratches. The Troxel riding hat made of velvet is a small horse. It is an easily used hardhat with a small thing in front, please take a close look at the images.

That would be great for a training or beginner one. Protective hat for riders. On the inside is in very good shape and the tape is intact. These are for an british riding hat made of velvet. It' a 6 7/8 and is in very good shape. Also the chinstrap and the belt itself are in very good shape.

I would like you to review my other listings and my eBay shop this weeks, as I have a lot of products and I would be pleased to mix and match them for you. The article comes from a smoke-free house. I' m trying to be as precise as possible. The purchaser bears the dispatch and processing fees.

Since there are different bids and each has its own prefered way of delivery, I use the POSTER, so that every offerer can see the delivery before the bid. I am always willing to add articles and will gladly combinate the dispatch for you!

If you prefer reduced, combination delivery, please allow for an additional bill to be sent to you before you make your payments. DETCRIPTION: Velvet Riding Hat Helmet Black Tress Co. EQUESTRITAN HORSE SAFE chinstrap. The article must be payed within 48 hrs after the end of the sale via Paypal. SEND:: Shipment takes place within 72 hrs after receipt ofpayments.

The amount of the delivery costs is set at the moment of purchase on the basis of your site. Shipment for several orders can be combined on demand. Womens or girl riding helmet SEI velvet SEI certificated 7 1/8 inches. Perfect state. Internacional riding helmet. Sizes 6 3/4. In very good state. Horse helmet Troxel Grand Prix Gold Velvet riding helmet with adjustable head straps in leather/nylon & bow on the back Riding helmet with original plates sizes M/L Date of manufacture is 4/2001 SEI Certificate model ASTM F1163-99 Troxel riding helmet in photos is the current helmet you will receive.

The helmet is in good shape with some abrasion to button in center on the helmet. A few clothes to velvet (PLEASE NOTE ALL PHOTO'S YOU DISPLAY IN AID) MOST OF MY ITEMS LISTED.... MOREARY FROM STATE FALES & AUTIONS. British riding helmet. Sizes 7 1/8.

Suitable for horse riding only. Including riding boots. Helm and glove are ideal for the young horseman who is serious about studying and/or competition in English. The Lexington Model # LG410 Riding Protective Hat is purchased in VERY gentle state. Your refund will be made in the same amount as soon as the product is returned.

Deliveries are free of charge for all 50 countries only. We welcome foreign purchasers, but please mail us so we can make you an offer. Thanks for looking at our article. It is a velvet hampton hat It is a 7 - 57 Good to very good used state PLEASE PLEASE COUNT IN 3 DAY END OF AUCTION!

We kindly ask you to take a close look at each photo and make a notice of any possible flaws in the article. When I sell an old, ancient, used or previously used article, do not demand excellence unless I expressly say that the article is flawless. Return shipments will only be considered if the article is roughly wrongly displayed in the list and/or in the images.

All returns must be made in the same way as they were sent to you and in the same state as they were mailed. Normally 0 Microsoft InternetExplorer4 riding helmet EQUI-ROYAL SADDLERY equestrian riding black velvet- size: 6& 7/8" hat This one had a good state. It' is a 6& 7/8" winner in Continental U.S. Without Alaska.

In order to reduce the delivery of:: $14. 00 Auctioneers. I' m sending with U.S. Postal Service Priority and I won't put a lower rate on the customs declaration now! Any items sent back for a guarantee reimbursement must be sent back at the buyer's cost. There is no reimbursement of the forwarding expenses.

On a shipment that was corrupted in transit. That'?s what I said. RIDING HAS About: RIDING EQUESTRIAN: A velvet riding hat with brown calf belt is provided. This hat is in very good shape and immediately operational. At the moment we have other articles on offer, but we can also offer a combination of these. Dispatch:

Shipment can be used in combination with other articles. Well done, I'm just waitin' for a canter or two. Article Helm. High-grade riding hat at a reasonable cost. Upholstered with velvet. High-grade velvet cover. Blacks. Metal with velvet. Tagged Size State Aged, from use. We kindly ask you to look at the pictures above in this list, they will help you to visualise the article and its state.

The Knightsbridge Velveteen Riding Hat Größe 7 Modèle A-10 ASTM M1163 Certified ASTM Overall Très bon état. At LEXINGTON VELVET RIDING LEXINGTON VELVET RIDING HAS LS310 Size 61/2 Equestrian Helmet The Righteous Find - Body and Home Shipment Info Grades, Style and Affordability: I Agree to Receive Shipments (Buyer Will Pay for Returns).

As a rule, the shipment is carried out with a tracing number (delivery confirmation). Riding Helmets, GmbH SEI-certificated style, dark brown color. Sells without return items Sizes 6 7/8. Classic-style hunting hat with luxury, dark velvet cover. Slim Long Oval, 7-1/8 Slim Long Oval, 7-1/8 Slim Long Oval, 7-1/4 Slim Long Oval, 7-1/4 Slim Long Oval No international shipment.

In addition, we retain the right to discontinue an article after three consecutive business hours of non-payment. Internacional riding hat. Sizes 71/4. Attractive state olympic vintage fire velvet elegant riding helmet bought at a realty sales. It' only in good used state. It' an Olympic burn velvet hat.

BIGGTH 7. It is used carefully and was kept in the stock gift sack and crate in my non-smoking house. The parts are all present and in working order. There are NO odour or perspiration marks on the head. Velvet and band decorations on the back are in very good shape.

Noble velvet riding hat in colour anthracite. OV-110, Model#, Size 7 1/2, Made in Kentucky USA, Lexington Safety Products, In good shape, IRH-International Riding Helmets, Ltd. Normally 0 Fal Falal Fal Fal EN-US X-NONE X-NONE For the sale is a used Lexington riding hat made of velvet leather. Sizes 6 and 5/8. Might as well go in the show ring or the big school hat for someone with a lowdown.

An easy-to-use riding hat in hunting seat design is for sale. For the show ring! Wonderfully trimmed with velvet in beautiful colour, with a loop on the back and smooth leathers to hold it securely on your face! Sizes 7 1/4 is suitable for a bigger kid or a smaller grown-up Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any problems or if you have any further queries!

A " doucement utilisé " Velvet Evestrian Riding Helmets anglais SIZE 6 1/2. You will receive the Helm via USPS- Priority Mail. World Riding Hat Royal Riding Hat Royal Blue Cotton Velvet Size 7 1/8 SEI Certified- Item# 106671 AUCTION tills I make every effort to show our offers as they really are.

You can combine the delivery of several prizes. Just hold on until the auction ends and I will customize the shipment before I send the bill. We can ship all over the world. We apologize that it can be very expensive to ship to another location, so please send me an e-mail for a quotation BEFORE you place a tender. DELIVERY TIME: Your order will be dispatched the next working days after receipt of your order.

You' ll get a shipment notice via eBay or PayPal when your product is shipped. Usually, as such, I don't know the story of the article or how it was saved. Men, violet velvet, horse riding, hunt, riding cap, for use or presentation. DOBBINS DAOMAIN dobbins daomain, Indianapolis, Indiana" tension belts are out.

Twenty-five inch high at the push on top by seven. Four inch across by ten. It is in very good shape, with some friction on the velvet, and 2 velvet crisps are lacking at the front of the rim (see pictures), which give it personality.

This is Godfrey's Vintage Gold Top riding hat made in England VINTAGE VELVET VINTAGE ELQUESTRIAN BLACK VELVET VINTAGE VELVET RIDING HAS RIDING Vintage 1950's or 1960's Velveteen Hunt Cap Brand: Gold top designed by Godfrey's of England SIZE 21 1/2" FROM GODFREY'S MADE BY GODFREY'S MADE IN ENGAND. This velvet is slightly weary at the rim of the sight, which I tried to show in OTHERWISE IT IS IN Excellent Vintage Condition.


It' a 6& 7/8" winner in Continental U.S. Without Alaska. In order to reduce the delivery costs of: $14. 00 bids from all over the world. I' m sending with U.S. Postal Service Priority and I won't put a lower rate on the customs declaration now! The product is available with a 14-day guarantee. Any items sent back for a guarantee reimbursement must be sent back at the buyer's cost.

There is no refund of the forwarding expenses. An article.... Damage during transport.

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