Brown Velvet Riding Helmet

Velvet riding helmet in brown

Charles Owen Hampton helmet is a flat helmet from Great Britain, covered with the best Italian velvet. Home; Charles Owen Hampton riding helmet.

John Owen Hampton riding helmet

The Hampton helmet is one of the most attractive and well equipped safety hats on the market. Upholstered in fluffy, luxury velvet from Italy, its low tread offers not only the look and feel of a show ring or hunting ground, but also the necessary rider shelter. Beautifully designed, the nylons reinforce tanning tableware is long-lasting and smooth, while the inside has a lavish satine liner and a smooth suede browband.

Ideal for those with rounded minds who do not find the initial fitting for their mindset.

Moulded shell made of anti-slip material is very durable and lightweight.

Moulded shell made of anti-slip materials is very durable and lightweight. It' upholstered in a smooth velvet fabric that is watertight, scratch-resistant and wash-able. In addition, the chinstrap made of smooth imitation leathers is hypo-allergenic, can be washed and prevents irritations of the complexion. Made of 100% merino wool, the interior upholstery is pleasant and breathable: a 100% merino wool fibre that is naturally anti-bacterial and offers unrivalled breathing activity and warmth control.

Constructed from expandable polystyrol, the inner shell has three density grades to provide complete impact resistance, convenience and light weight. Two honeycombed air vents in polystyrol provide an intelligent venting system in the helmet for a high flow of cool air that provides additional driver comforts.

Launched on the horse riding scene for the first of its kind, the fitting system allows the helmet to be fitted smoothly and fully automatic to the rider's skull. Dogma Velvet Light is available in different colours and features a matt border that makes this line truly special.

Cromo Full Velvet riding helmet by KEP

Cromo riding helmet with full velvet inlays. CROMO FULL VELVET riding helms are designed for show jumpers. Each helmet comes complete with removable and removable inner cushioning, 5 splice belts, ventilation system and umbrella as well as a removable rear sight.

It' very important to keep in mind that with CEP everything is possible, please feel free to ask us to do so.

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