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Food BUCKEYE? It'?s your ardour. It'?s our goal.

That horse of yours is your part of the universe. We understand nutrition at BUCKEYE because we are also enthusiastic about riding a horse. Since 1910, the BUCKEYE? Nutrition is an individual enterprise dedicated to the development of a comprehensive range of high-quality, solution-oriented animal foods to help your horse succeed. Convince yourself of our 100% traceable ingredients. BUCKEYE® Nutrition traces all ingredients directly back to their sources, from the sweet cereals and beans cultivated in Ohio's lush soils to the high value ovens picked from Canada's lush plain.

Our focus is on innovation, feed testing and cutting-edge technology. Supported by the WALTHAM Centre for pet nutrition, a worldwide animal welfare agency, our horse nutrition scientists are developing the safe and highest value formulas. Receive nutrition tips, expert advice and BUCKEYE news. It is our dedication to keeping our young riders fit and fit that drives us to keep abreast of nutrition habits.

that you can rely on. Using only the best raw materials obtained from accredited vendors, BUCKEYE Food Ltd. checks every truck load before it is unloaded. We then grind our feeds in our state-of-the-art, drug-free plant.

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Buckeye Nutrition Plus Nutrition and Vitamin Mix. Buckeye's Ground Plus is a great supply of calcium, phosphorous and other important nutrients that complete your ground forage. It contains vital nutrients and vitamines for optimal reproductive performance, healthy bones and upkeep. Extracts of nutrients and ration are carefully selected to complete the diet of those who eat meadow and/or willow.

Estimated daily usage for ripe horse weights between 880 and 1100 pounds is 4z for maintenance or 5-6z for training.

Gro'N Buckeye Nutrition Win Horse Feed, 30-lb pouch

Improve the nutrition of your horses with the Buckeye Nutrition Gro'N Win Horse Feed Supplement. It is perfect as a stand-alone feed or as a complement to your horse's everyday cereal feed and is formulated to provide all the important nutritional elements with the feed - minus surplus energy. Exact equilibrium of binoculars, vitamines and mineral salts helps ease the digestive process and absorb moisture, and the high concentration formulation means you can actually feed your horse less of it and allow more food to come naturally.

All of this comes from the U.S.-based company, a family-owned business that follows a "field to bucket" approach with 100% recyclable contents. Enriched with vitamines and mineral salts, which are usually not sufficient in the feed. Elevated amounts of C & D vitamine are powerful anti-oxidants that help your horse's immunity and metabolism. Superb anti-oxidant level for optimal immunity boost.

The antioxidant supports the immune system and the metabolism of your horse. It is a safer, low glycaemic and low insulin formulation that can help reduce overactivity. Kupferproteinat, Zinkproteinat, Cobalt sulfate, Ethylendiamindihydriodid, Calcium iodate, Selenium yeast, Sodium selenite, Vitamine A supplement, Vitamine D3 supplement, Vitamine D3 supplement, Thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, biotin, d-calcium pantothenate, B12 supplement, choline chloride, ascorbyl-2 polyphosphate, artificial flavoring.

At Buckeye Nutrition, we believe that the healthy constituents used in our formulations should take the quickest possible route from the rich areas of Northern America where they are cultivated and picked into your horse buddies' feed buckets. That means that the contents keep their optimal vitality and nutritive strength during feed, which offers the best possible benefit for your horse's wellbeing.

Buckeye Nutrition's trustworthy relationship with growers can help your friend get the farm food he needs every single day. Every single time. Each Buckeye Nutrition formulation has been designed and laboratory tested by experienced horse dieticians and veterinary professionals who know the horse inside and out. They work in laboratories and test rooms with a painstaking science to offer your horse optimised, solution-oriented complements and delicacies.

They are supported by industry-leading research and adapted to the different needs of different races, horse species and stadiums - from foals to workhorses, sportsmen and steward. A Buckeye Nutrition tidbit or food additive can be tracked back to its origin - the rich Ohio land, where sweet cereals and soy beans are cultivated, or the Canada plain, where the high quality grains are sourced.

You can be confident that every soya bean and every grain of grain of maize or oats that enters your horse's feed bin has been carefully cultivated, chosen to the highest possible standard of nutrition and nutrition, and purchased from only 100% trackable, accredited sources in North America. The Buckeye Nutrition line of dietary supplementation is designed to address the different needs of horse farmers, from gaining weights for hard feeds to replenishing electrolytes and minerals, replacing breastfeed milk for growth, providing low in calories, and increasing the size of the skins and fur.

As Buckeye knows, some of our animals have the most choosy taste on the roads or in the field, and their owner is careful with a good diet even during the mealtimes. No matter if as an every day treat, during exercise or to encourage your horse's health with the articulated supports formulation, your horse will enjoy these delicious tablets.

Horse loves this fruity plant, which is also full of vitamin and antioxidant benefits. They are cultivated in the Canadians and are part of a healthy nutrition for your horse that will help deliver healthy nutrition. Refreshing, calming, digestive and with a refreshing delicious taste that horse can taste. It is a nourishing component that assists in the absorption of fibre, vitamin and mineral nutrients into your partner's everyday nutrition.

Loading with A vitamins to help maintain good eyesight, a powerful immunity system and a sound fur. Supports good condition of fur and scalp with anti-inflammatory Omega-3s. For over a hundred years, Buckeye has made the passions of horse enthusiasts its goal and since 1910 has offered first-class horse food products. More than 100 years of horse and horse owner enrichment ensures that every single horse food is backed by a horse-friendly heritage of horse feeding and spa competence.

Your pledge to you and your horse is that every formulation is made with 100% tracable constituents from raw materials in America, from the fields to the buckets. There' about 4 mugs in 2 lbs of this horse feed. Could this be an independent feed or should I mix it with some kind of candy?

It is not a full and varied nutrition. This can be feeded with straw to ensure a wholesome nutrition...no cereal is needed. Great Gro'N Win is a great feed and a lot of cash because you feed so much less than other feed, for example I have given my Purina horse and the feed is about 7 lbs a day!

While Gro'N Win I only feeds 2 quid a pop. My horse seems to be in a good mood! The only problem I have is how small the pieces are, which makes it difficult for my horse to take them in with its mouth. I' d suggest this feedin' programme to all my co-owners.

I' m feeding my show ponies with it. Good, round food. Buckeye Love line, high grade horse feed. At first I am a big Buckeye product supporter, great value and my horse is enjoying it! Since I have a solid groom, so I don't use this as a substitute for cereals, I use it as an additional complement for the Vitamins and Mineral....

So with all the good shit in it, I put it in his food just to get an additional push. My horse has recently changed over to Buckeye and this is the first rations match he has ever had without any problems. I' m feeding this with the UF-40 to get more calories with less cereals.

Tasty and we look forward to the advantages of an additional diet. I' ve got two 15+ handhorses on this and one 14.3.

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