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Prices for large horse feeds

Wholesale horse feed supplier / bulk horse feed at low prices. There is a large selection of Breyer model horses, which we collect from today on. Our company offers a complete range of feeds for cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens and horses. From Evergreen, CO to Santa Fe, NM customers have found that our products are the best quality at the best price. I can also organise and transport bulk loads, just contact me for a price.

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The Heritage Mare & Foal 16% is designed for the feeding of youngsters, weaners, juveniles, broodmare, colts, ripe and happy (easy activity).... 14% Heritage Perfomance is expressed in terms of mare, stallion, yearling, ripe enjoyment (light activity) and achievement (moderate activity). HORSE has been developed for weaners, young sters, broodmare, mare, stallion, ripe horse riding enjoyment (easy activity) and power (moderate....

PELLETED (PELLETED)Heritage Horse is designed for the feeding of broodmares, colts, yearlings, ripe horses, ripe horses (light activity) and horses (moderate activity).

Logistic: Shipment & Collection

Our speciality is to meet your feed requirements by train and lorry for safe and cost-effective deliveries. Investing in and partnering with trucks and rolling stock gives us the edge to offer the most trusted services in our markets. There is a whole group of cereal industry analysis experts at our disposal who ensure that we always know what the industry is doing, so that we get the best prices for those raw materials that we do not make ourselves.

Rebates are possible if feed is bought in one-ton pots or large amounts.

Rebates are possible if feed is bought in one-ton pots or large amounts. Large orders are supplied locally by lorry. Are you looking for a 25-pound UPS shipping pouch or a 24-ton HGV cargo? We're here for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for an individual offer for bio feed.

In the service of CA, NV & AZ

We' been giving great feedback for over 50 years. ALE''s main objective is to provide value-added feed for professional animal husbandry, such as horses, pigs, birds, lambs, rabbits, nanny rabbits, cows, flocks, and many other types of flock. Designed to provide the optimum nutrition and vitamin intake your pet needs, our feed is designed to provide you with the best possible nutrition.

Our belief is in the use of high value added feed materials. At Bar ALE, we are dedicated to the agricultural sector by offering our clients feed of the highest possible standard and value. Because of our dedication to consumer convenience, we have created a line of high value, certified organic and non-GMO feed.

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