Burgundy Riding Breeches

breeches Burgundy

You really are a versatile all-rounder for everyday life. Burgundy breeches in Clarino or knee silicone. Cycling breeches for women are ankle- or half-length breeches.

Burgrand/Navy breeches My LeMieux Pace

Jodhpurs that complement your own personal styles with vibrant fabrics and designs that fit every movement. Get the safety of LeMieux's famous X-Grip silicone and feel confident. Pace breeches have all the advantages of contemporary sport clothing with a hint of the classical riding styles you would have expected from LeMieux.

You really are a multifaceted all-rounder for daily use. This medium size jodhpurs is made of a micronylon sports apparel that expands in four different ways to ensure a soft, snug and adjustable seat. Characteristic LeMieux X-Grip kneepatches are equipped with a multi-layer silicone pattern that provides safety where it is most needed.

Pleasing piped details that discreetly contrast the material's principal color and classy brand knobs round off the classical LeMieux look. These jodhpurs have plissed front pouch detail and zipped back pouches that are flushed. There is a'Shipping Estimator' in front of the checkout which generates an exact calculation of delivery costs according to the order weigth.

For orders in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, you can also use the'Shipping Estimator' before checkout, which generates an exact calculation of delivery costs based on the order weights. If you wish to order outside the EU, please send an e-mail to sales@horsehealth.co.uk or call +44 2380 814360 for a delivery offer.

Toscana Burgundy breeches in different designs!

This burgundy breeches are made of bamboo-microfibre-mix! Perfect with a bay waistcoat, sand casual sweaters and bay jackets OR dark V throat sweaters and dark blue shoes! WEAR BAMBOO? This is what Kashmir is for wools - a softer and more luxuryfeeling.

It'?s a bad habit for germs. It is ideal for allergy-prone skins. It is antistatic and fits well on the body and keeps it dry by absorbing damp. Thanks to its microfiber (like wood), it is both hot and breathe.

The bamboos are the most rapidly expanding plants in the whole wide range, so the yield is more often from the same area. BAMBOUR provides the same bulk as 10% of the total area. 100% biodegradability of 100% of the material. All it takes to produce rainwater is a little bit of it. It is not erected as weed, so it is good for the ground - especially as it can be grown on hillsides that are not suitable for other cultures.

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