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Purchasing a pony

Notice withdrawn at the request of the poster. Keep in mind that once you have found the horse or pony of your dreams, make sure you have a vet check before making a purchase. He's being held in the grass, but I'm not quite sure what I need yet! I' ve got a rough list: Ponys for sale in New Zealand.

Purchasing my first pony - What do I need?

It'?s an infinite number, but here's a clue. P/OT Blanket - Buy one that''s usable for season of the year, a light one for now, but subject to the brood it may need a heavy one for next season, especially if it lives out 24/7, you're best to have a pair to modify from poor meteorological condi-tions.

Things are never ending, but that's the fundamentals I can think of, do you get anything with it/her? You' ll probably buy the basic stuff to get started and then buy others when and when you need it.

How to buy an Exmoor Pony

They can be used in almost all disciplines, make great children's and are also suited for smaller people. Possessing an exceptionally beautiful pony can give you a lot of joy and help to preserve a truly original and precious species. Before you buy your first pony, however, please note the following: You need entrance to a sufficiently large kayak with bunker (field bunker or high hedges) and a freshwater source, securely enclosed and free of toxic vegetation such as ragout.

They are flocks and should not be kept alone. If you only have one pony, make an appointment with another pony or pony keeper. It can also involve a shift in pastures necessary to combat worm infestation, as well as the collection of feces on small herds.

Make sure that you or someone else can enter your camp even in snowfall. The pony is winter hard and durable, but you must check with a vet for vaccination, worm or wound treatment, a certified blacksmith for footstep trim or misting and a good turn-cock.

The digestive system of extruded clay is particularly good. They' re designed for the harsh conditions on the grazed land of the exmoors, but too much or too little weed in the pits is just as poor. Also the secretary is able to compile a register of mire farmers who offer a pony for purchase every autumn.

This pony is the property of society members who are often the pony's owner and are probably seasoned pony keepers or are in a pony moving post. It' s a good idea to see your nearest grower or owner and, if possible, a fen/open-air flock of which there are several throughout the UK to see the pony in its own area.

There are many ways to find out more about the pony and see a pony throughout the UK, either directly or through its members. Somerset's yearly Christmas Foal Show is an excellent place to see the breeder-led ex moorfoal.

New Exmoor Pony can be purchased from their grower, either from a "free-ranging" or an "underground" group. Raising a pony from this stage is the most worthwhile, but it takes a lot of work, perseverance, appropriate equipment and practice. A number of growers will have treated the filly before selling, but whether this has been done or not, you may need help, according to your skill levels, to guide your pony through the various levels of his training until he breaks in.

When you have the feeling that you need help, it may be advisable to take the pony directly to where you have the first set up - if you leave a young pony in your dock without using it, it will be very hard to get it back. All the more so when you've purchased two!

Forming an independent relationship from humans, it is always much better to work with each pony individually. It is the personal opinion of many pony owner that the pony's temper is more a decisive element in how easy it is to handle than any earlier one.

Buy always from an expert, serious grower and let him advise you about the temper of the dam and the family. The majority of growers will be pleased to help you get the most appropriate pony home at the right time and will advise you further if necessary. You can also get the pony from the grower.

The older stallions are also featured on the'For Sale' website, many of them have already rode or been successfully exhibited. They may also find a pony that is promoted locally, but as with any breed or style, make sure the vendor is an expert, high quality individual who will let you try out the pony sufficiently and is willing to have it checked.

Make sure the pony has its Equine Passsport and ask the veterinarian to verify the pony's drug page and chip number if available. You have to sell all grown-ups with a horse-pass. Any pony that has been bred in 2009 or later must have a chip whose number is included in the pass.

It is the responsibility of the Pony Society to issue passes for pony exmoors to be entered in Section I or Section I of the studbook. Owners are required to apply for a colt pass before the end of the year in which they are given birth or before their 6th birthday.

If the pony is checked by the inspectors of the company, this is done by the grower. Checks are performed to make sure that only colts that meet the breeding requirements are listed in section 1 and can be shown and raised as Exmoor ponies. If a pony does not pass its test, it has a conformation or race defect.

Can be re-examined next year if the error is likely to be corrected itself, or it can be entered in Section 10, in which case it cannot be shown in indexed pony categories, or used for breeding indexed exmoor bred ills. They can also be excellently trained or propelling as well.

Society DNA pedigree test all bog breeding colts to make sure that the information on the pass is accurate with the father and mother inscribed. In this way, the exactness of the stud book is maintained to make sure that the blood lines are recorded and the genetical condition of this unique race can be controlled.

If you have purchased your pony, you must return the pass to the secretary of the company to assign the property, or in the case of a colt, if the grower provides the secretary with your data, you can enter your data immediately and the pass can be sent to you.

Now you can even have your own pony! Exmoor Pony Society has an extensive net of area representatives to assist the new owner in word and deed.

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